Listicles | 10/21/2022 5 things you may not have known about the Trolley Assist System

Liebherr will showcase about 100 exhibits and numerous innovations at Bauma 2022. We have selected some special exhibits that you should not miss during the trade show. Here are 5 exciting facts about the Trolley Assist System for mining trucks. Would you have known everything?

1. This mining truck system is truly electrifying

Like for electric trains or busses, the Trolley Assist System uses onboard pantographs to connect a mining truck’s drive system to overhead power lines on uphill haulage segments. When connected to the overhead power lines in trolley mode, the full power capacity of the electric wheel motors can be translated into speed on grade while the diesel engine idles.

2. Working hard while reducing fuel consumption

Working with increased truck fleet productivity, and a significant reduction of diesel fuel consumption? With the Trolley Assist System that’s possible! On top, this means a decrease in CO2 emissions making the Trolley Assist System a great low emission solution.

3. The T 274 showcases the system at Bauma

Designed and adapted from years of experience in mining truck development, the T 274 is a 305-tonne payload capacity truck. It takes centre stage at the Liebherr Mining exhibit at Bauma. Don’t miss its interactive Trolley Assist System on display.

4. The world’s longest truck trolley line is in Austria

Have you ever been to Erzberg in Austria? It’s the site of the biggest and most modern open cast mine in Central Europe. Iron ore has been extracted there for more than 1,300 years. Today, seven T 236 units are in operation on an impressive five-kilometre trolley line with switchback capabilities. It’s also the first 100t class truck fleet under trolley line operation.

5. The Liebherr Assistance Systems are evolving

Need some guidance? The Trolley Guidance System and Crusher Guidance System are the latest additions to the Assistance Systems family. They provide semi-autonomous steering of the truck to maintain a consistent path while under the trolley line and while backing into a crusher, respectively. The Trolley Guidance also automatically raises the pantograph as it enters and leaves the trolley line. They are available on the T 264, T 274, and T 284 mining trucks and can be retrofitted to an existing fleet.

The T 274 with Trolley Assist System can be found at the Liebherr-Platz

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