Listicles | 10/22/2022 5 things you may not have known about the R 9XX H2 crawler excavator with hydrogen engine

Liebherr will showcase around 100 exhibits and numerous innovations at Bauma 2022. We have selected some special exhibits that you shouldn’t miss during the trade show. Here are 5 exciting things about the R 9XX H2 crawler excavator with hydrogen engine. Would you have known everything?

1. A crawler excavator with a heart for hydrogen

A crawler excavator with an integrated hydrogen combustion engine? You really don't see that every day - but at Liebherr at Bauma. The R 9XX H2 prototype on display is the first Liebherr excavator powered by a hydrogen combustion engine. And its heart? The first Liebherr hydrogen engine, H966. It was developed for demonstration purposes and field tests and is based on port fuel injection technology (also called PFI).

2. Hydrogen means reduced pollutant emissions

The R 9XX H2 is a powerhouse, yet it produces very low nitrogen (NOx) and CO2 emissions. Depending on the evaluation procedure and the life cycle of the machine, the hydrogen combustion engine results in CO2 emissions being reduced by almost 100% in the "tank to wheel" approach or by 70% in the "cradle to grave" approach.

3. The refuelling? Simple, fast and safe

The R 9XX H2 was developed on the design basis of the current, future-oriented crawler excavator generation 8. They both focus on a more comfortable and efficient application. But there is one difference: You can fill up with hydrogen at a special H2 pump. Everything is monitored via infrared communication between the excavator and the filling station, which follows a standardised high-speed protocol. Or to put it another way: Hydrogen is refuelled differently but just as quickly and safely as conventional fuels.

4. This excavator is designed for construction site and mining operations

Extreme temperatures, shocks and dust-intensive operations on the construction site? No problem! With its operating weight of 50 tonnes, the R 9XX H2 can become as robust a solution for earthmoving and mining applications in the future as the conventionally powered Liebherr crawler excavators are in the same class. It develops the same overall performance as a diesel version, both in terms of power output and engine dynamics and response.

5. One like no other at Bauma

At Bauma, a special treat awaits all those who want to see the R 9XX H2 prototype in action: The crawler excavator with hydrogen engine will be part of the showcase. So just come by stand 809-810 and be amazed. By the way, fingers are crossed until Bauma because the R 9XX H2 has been nominated for the Bauma Innovation Award 2022 in the climate protection category. We can't wait for the award ceremony!

You can find the prototype of the R 9XX H2 at the Liebherr booth 809-810.

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