Listicles | 10/20/2022 5 things you may not have known about the new 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre luffing jib crane

Liebherr will showcase around 100 exhibits and numerous innovations at Bauma 2022. We have selected some special exhibits that you should not miss during the trade show. Here are 5 exciting facts about the 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre luffing jib crane. Would you have known everything?

1. The first adjustable jib crane with fibre rope

At Bauma 2016, Liebherr presented the fibre rope technology as a world first. Today, many cranes are already equipped with fibre rope technology as standard. Brand new is the 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre as the first representative of the Liebherr luffing jib cranes.

2. The rope is a lightweight powerhouse

The 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre works with a 25-millimetre thick fibre rope. It is significantly lighter than a steel rope of comparable diameter. This enables greater lifting capacities and faster working speeds with a similar crane design, which applies to all Liebherr Fibre cranes.

3. The crane is a true lifting hero

The 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre achieves comparable hook heights to the 230 HC-L 8/16. With a maximum jib length of about 60 metres, the maximum load capacity is still 2.5 t, meaning it could still lift two cars without any problem. And the maximum load capacity in 1-strand operation has been increased by 25 percent to 10 t.

4. It stays in the family

Like its brothers in steel rope design, the 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre also features our smart assistance systems such as horizontal load path, the well-known fine positioning mode "Micromove" or the extremely precise working range limitation (ABB) as standard.

5. Made for the big city

Incidentally, the fibre rope enables the 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre to drive the construction of skyscrapers and industrial plants even more efficiently. Even enormous hook heights, little space and nearby neighbouring properties do not pose a problem for this crane when constructing tall buildings in densely built-up city centres.

You can find the 258 HC-L 10/18 Fibre at the Liebherr booth 809-810.

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