Listicles | 10/14/2022 5 things you may not have known about the LR 1400 SX crawler crane

Liebherr will showcase around 100 exhibits and numerous innovations at Bauma 2022. We have selected some special exhibits that you should not miss during the trade show. Here are 5 exciting facts about the LR 1400 SX crawler crane. Would you have known everything?

1. The superlative crawler crane

The LR 1400 SX is Liebherr's largest multi-purpose crawler crane and, with a height of 116 m, is the tallest exhibit at the Liebherr booth. The model is as tall as a football field is long and even towers over the Statue of Liberty in New York. And that's not even the maximum boom length: If that were the case, it could lift loads to the 170 m high OpernTurm in Frankfurt, Germany.

2. A customer got the ball rolling

For a long time, the LR 1300 with a lifting capacity of 300 t was the best-selling Liebherr crawler crane. But loads are getting heavier and change the requirements (in the market). "Just build a bigger LR 1300," one customer suggested. We took him at his word. The result: The new LR 1400 SX: Its boom has a load capacity of 400 t. Or as one customer from the USA said, "That's a big boom!"

3. This giant crane is handy

It may be a superlative crane, but transporting the LR 1400 SX is surprisingly easy. The heaviest part to be transported is the upper carriage. The undercarriage, the crawler tracks, the A-frame and the boom winch do not have to be disassembled. Even platforms and railings can be conveniently folded up and remain on the crane for transport.

4. This crane looks after the assembly itself

An auxiliary crane? The LR 1400 SX does not need one. Thanks to its self-assembly system, boom sections, central ballast, the tracks and hoisting winches can be easily assembled and disassembled. It can even lift, lower and secure the 150 t rear ballast hydraulically. The rear ballast can be modularly equipped with 5 or 10 t ballast plates depending on requirements.

5. The crane can be operated by remote control

With its integrated radio remote control, the LR 1400 SX can also be operated outside the cab. This gives the crane operator a better and safer overview of the construction site. So-called "blind spots" can thus be better avoided. Depending on the application, there is also no need for a second person to assist the crane operator with hand signals during the lifting process.

You can find the LR 1400 SX crawler crane at the Liebherr-Platz.

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