Listicles | 10/15/2022 5 things you may not have known about the LICCON3 crane control system

Liebherr will showcase around 100 exhibits and numerous innovations at Bauma 2022. We have selected some special exhibits that you should not miss during the trade show. Here are 5 exciting facts about the LICCON3 crane control system. Would you have known everything?

1. The first to run with LICCON3

When you stand in front of the new LTM 1110-5.2 for the first time at Bauma 2022, you might have to look twice. This is because the mobile crane has received a design update and is now equipped with a new driver's cab. And quite a few things have also changed from a technological perspective. But the real highlight is the new LICCON3 crane control system.

2. LICCON3 can grow further if required

The new crane control system has future-oriented power. Thanks to its completely new software and programming language as well as the faster data bus, significantly more memory and higher computer performance, the control system can be further developed more quickly in the future. This may be the case, for example, with complex applications such as VarioBase® which require high performance data.

3. The control system combines the familiar with the new

One thing was important in the development: Crane operators who already work with Liebherr cranes should quickly get to grips with the new control system. In this way, the new was combined with the tried and tested. The information on the displays has been revised and even simplified. At the same time, familiar features such as the BTT remote control terminal have remained. So anyone who has previously operated one of the LICCON2 cranes, will quickly find their way around.

4. The online analyis of crane data is one of the familiar features

All LICCON3 cranes are prepared for telematics and fleet management as standard. Via the MyLiebherr customer portal, registered customers can view, monitor and evaluate all relevant data of their Liebherr mobile cranes - and even pass it on as an operational report if they wish.

5. A system with over 33 years of history

Today, it is impossible to imagine the world of Liebherr mobile cranes without the LICCON crane control system. But did you know that the Liebherr Group developed a modular, freely programmable control system for hydraulic functional units in mobile cranes as early as 1989? It was given the abbreviated name LICCON (Liebherr Computed Control). LICCON 2 followed in 2007. 2022 is the year of LICCON3.

You can find the LTM 1110-5.2 mobile crane with LICCON3 at the Liebherr outdoor booth 812-813.

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