News | 10/29/2022 Ümit Arici: A bridge between childhood and adulthood

Ümit Arici is an HR professional with heart and soul. He has been working for the Liebherr Group as a recruiter in human resources since March 2021. At the Career Point at Bauma 2022, he meets technology enthusiasts who want to become part of the Liebherr world. Liebherr machines and products? They awaken very special memories in him.

Ümit Arici looked forward to his first Bauma with great anticipation. Well, he was not disappointed: “Some played with excavators, tower cranes and construction machinery in their childhood, the lucky ones still do. For me, working at Bauma is a bridge between childhood and adulthood,” he says, smiling as he looks up at the sky with the Liebherr cranes. When he walks across the Liebherr booth, he can be a child once again. At his booth, the Career Point, he uses this enthusiasm to talk to potential new colleagues about working at Liebherr. He particularly enjoys talking about the diverse tasks at Liebherr's Oberopfingen site. This is because three companies are located here at once, Liebherr-Components Kirchdorf GmbH, Liebherr-Logistics GmbH and Liebherr-IT Services GmbH, with many career opportunities ranging from development and information technology to logistics services. What is Ümit Arici looking forward to after Bauma? He laughs: “That's easy. To the fact that I will receive applications from many people I meet at the Career Point and that they will then soon become my colleagues!”

You can meet Ümit Arici and his colleagues at the Career Point on the Liebherr main booth.