Earthmoving Division has Major Customer Success

Liebherr wheel loader L 586 recently sold by the Liebherr-Australia earthmoving division.

Liebherr wheel loader L 586 recently sold by the Liebherr-Australia earthmoving division.

The earthmoving division recently had success with a number of their Key Account customers with achievements in several areas of the business including earthmoving, material handling and waste sectors.

OneSteel Recycling are currently in the process of taking delivery of 7 new material handlers ranging from the smallest LH 22 M wheeled Material Handler to two 60 tonne EP 934 C electric pedestal units for various sites around the country. This will see an ever expanding number of Liebherr machines in their already large fleet of Liebherr Material Handlers and Wheel Loaders.

Another major scrap industry company, Sims Metal Management took delivery of an Liebherr LH 40 M last year for their Sydney scrap operations after much evaluation and detailed analysis where it was proven not just on paper that in real use, the fuel savings and the machine performance can be seen and measured through processed steel output ensuring the business optimises its equipment use.

Hanson Construction Materials has recently taken delivery of 6 large Liebherr Wheel Loaders ranging from the L 566 to L 586 sizes for use in their sand and aggregate business. This order follows an earlier delivery of an L 586 after seeing the fuel economy and operator’s acceptance, bring the total to 7 new Liebherr Loaders in their fleet.

Veolia recently took delivery of their third Liebherr Material Handler being an LH 22 M for their loading and sorting works at a Sydney site. They are also currently reviewing the business for a substantial amount of large Wheel Loaders and more Material Handlers following successful trials of an L 556 at one of their major Sydney transfer stations.

The Liebherr quantity of new equipment into these industries is continuing to grow steadily due to many reasons but in particular due to being very fuel economical and user friendly whilst ensuring aftersales back up and support is a premium once the machines go into operation.