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Our Corporate Responsibility strategy

As a family-run company operating worldwide, Liebherr bears a great responsibility towards society and the environment. We are convinced that we can only be successful in the long term if we take a sustainable and forward-looking approach. When we say “forward-looking”, we don’t mean just a period of five or ten years. For us as a family-run company, “forward-looking” means that we also keep the well-being of the next generation and the generation after that in mind.

That is why we have developed a comprehensive Corporate Responsibility strategy for the Group. The strategy aims to promote sustainable and responsible action in all areas of our business. In this way, we can help address environmental issues and support the communities in which we live and work. This means that we contribute to the success of our company in the long term. At the same time, it is also an obligatory task that we have to face as a family-run company.

In order to think about tomorrow today, we have therefore set ourselves an ambitious Corporate Responsibility vision.

Our vision

We want to be an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable family-run company that convinces its customers with innovative solutions for demanding tasks and improves the quality of life of present and future generations through technological progress and responsible action.

Our mission

Our Corporate Responsibility mission specifies how we want to achieve our vision. The content framework for this is provided by the four central fields of action: products and services, environment and energy, employees and society, sustainable management.

Products and services

We enable our customers to bring economic benefit in line with sustainability through high-quality, innovative and valuable products and services.

Environment and energy

We are continuously improving our ecological footprint. We achieve this by increasingly using renewable energy sources, using natural resources responsibly and focusing more on a circular economy.

Employees and society

We offer our employees secure jobs in an attractive working environment. We promote equal treatment and equal opportunities as well as inclusion and ensure safety at the workplace. We actively support the communities in which we work and live to continuously improve their living conditions.

Sustainable management

We act in an economically responsible manner. This means that we always take a long-term view of financial commitments and finance ourselves primarily from our own resources. We place great value on behaviour with integrity. For us, this means above all behaving fairly towards other market participants, complying with applicable laws in our actions and, in addition, adhering to internal standards and codes of conduct.

Our fields of action and key issues

We have identified key issues in each field of action. They form the strategic guidelines for the Corporate Responsibility strategies of our divisions and companies. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted by the United Nations in 2015, served as a guideline.

In order to implement our Corporate Responsibility strategy, the key issues of each field of action will in future be stored with concrete sustainability goals and measures across the Group. These are currently being developed on an interdisciplinary basis, then communicated internally and also updated on this website. We are aware that a much bigger part of the journey still lies ahead of us. Nevertheless, we want to continue on our chosen path with this outlook and promise.

The implementation of our ambitious Corporate Responsibility strategy will only succeed when we work together. Therefore, the future consideration of the Corporate Responsibility strategy in the strategies of the divisions and companies, as well as its transfer into day-to-day operational business, is of decisive importance in order to achieve the future sustainability goals of the Liebherr Group.

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