Quick coupling systems

For more productivity, efficiency and safety on the construction site, Liebherr offers different configuration levels of its quick coupling systems for the respective application. Machine, quick couplers and attachment form a powerful unit for maximum economy.

Mechanical quick couplers

Liebherr's mechanical quick coupler is the perfect solution when aiming to increase the flexibility and productivity of machinery while keeping investment costs to a minimum. It has a robust, proven design and simple, safe mechanics. Mechanical quick coupler

Hydraulic quick couplers

The hydraulic Liebherr quick coupling system allows mechanical attachment to be simply and safely changed from inside the cab. Position monitoring of the locking pin ensures a unique level of safety when changing tools. Hydraulic quick coupler


LIKUFIX® is a hydraulic quick coupler combined with an automatic hydraulic coupling system specially developed by Liebherr. It allows mechanical and hydraulic attachment and implements to be quickly and safely changed from inside the cab. LIKUFIX®