Donco 3 currently uses their Liebherr 41 XXT truck mounted concrete pump for various projects throughout the Midwest including their home state of Missouri where they are working on a large-scale warehouse site. This project requires high strength concrete throughout the site to serve as the warehouse floor once completed. They also provide additional services including excavating, forming, pouring, placing, and finishing structural concrete as well as pavement, sidewalks, curbs, walls, and pervious concrete.

“In total, Donco 3 will pump an area of over 2200 ft² (204 m²) of concrete with their Liebherr machine.” The 41 XXT pump is ideal for the job as a longer boom is necessary to access the large pouring area and facilitates easier access for the mixer truck. The long boom also allows the pump to reach the pouring area from one spot and the team does not have to constantly adjust the location of the truck. However, the key factor is the XXT outrigger system which allows safe pumping over the cab, also taking advantage of the truck's positioning.

The 41 XXT truck mounted concrete pump has a 5-section boom that reaches up to 132 ft (40,5 m) and has a low unfolding height of 27.5 ft (8.4 m), making it ideal for projects of varying sizes. The concrete pipe also mounts close to the boom’s side for balanced weight distribution. During transport, the pump folds into a compact position making it safer and easier for operators to get to and around job sites. On the job, the large radius pipe bends to minimize pressure loss over the length of the distributor boom, thus allowing for minimal disruption on a job site. The XXT design allows for work in both open and narrow spaces while maintaining maximum flow rates. The XXT narrow supports also secure in the front and rear outriggers directly to the boom providing added stability.

This system puts Liebherr pumps on another level, allowing for more safe work on a wider range of operations.”

Guilherme Zurita, Divisional Director Concrete Division, Liebherr USA, Co.

“The 41 XXT pump has now evolved to the 42 XXT, which is the very first Liebherr fully designed pump with the Powerbloc hydraulic system. This outstanding pumping unit is proven and approved by the industry and admired for its functionality, smoothness, and maintenance-friendly design,” says Divisional Director of Concrete Technology Guilherme Zurita. “The new 36 XXT and 38 XXT pumps are continuing the evolution of Liebherr’s machines, bringing in the new XXA 3 stability assistance system. This system puts Liebherr pumps on another level, allowing for more safe work on a wider range of operations.”

Donco 3 is a repeat customer of Liebherr concrete technology products as they ordered a 42 XXT truck mounted concrete pump to expand their fleet at the end of 2022. Donco 3 continues to use both pumps and expand their reach throughout the Midwest fulfilling their mission of delivering projects in a timely and safe manner. “Our choice to buy another Liebherr machine is due to Liebherr’s high-quality products and providing essential customer service support,” stated Rachel York, Owner of Donco 3.

Zurita noted: "Our customer trusted Liebherr’s philosophy back when they first bought the 41 XXT pump many years ago. Now, they can see the evolution of our pumps and have chosen the 42 XXT to join their fleet. At the end of the day, with Donco 3 as a customer, we can achieve what we strive for in each of our customers: a long-lasting relationship with strong support.”

Founded in the 1990s, Donco 3 Construction, LLC, is a family owned and operated full-service concrete subcontractor that specializes in commercial and residential concrete projects throughout the Midwest. It utilizes Liebherr's concrete products and technology for all their concrete pumping needs. The 2nd generation of the York family took over the business in 2010 and has since become a state-certified Women's Business Enterprise in Missouri. Both Donco 3 and Liebherr take pride in being family owned, passed down from generation to generation.

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