Tackling a 160-acre (64.75 hectare) mass grading site, Sullivan Eastern, Inc. is using approximately 20 Liebherr earthmoving machines to perform site and utility work at Triangle 55 industrial park in Durham, North Carolina for Scannell Properties. As part of the project scope, Sullivan is completing mass grading including dewatering and refilling a quarry and the installation of storm and sanitary sewers, as well as DIP water lines with the goal of safely completing the project in a timely manner.

Sullivan Eastern is pumping out the previous quarry and will take eleven months to refill it with 2.4 million y³ (1,85 km3) of blasted material. The dewatering of the existing quarry requires pumping out over 50 million gal (189,27 million l) of water while complying with all local, state, and federal requirements. Backfilling has its own challenges as it is difficult to keep rainwater out of the quarry while it is being refilled.

The onsite team currently operates multiple Liebherr crawler tractors, wheel loaders, and crawler excavators. The loaders are used to load and place materials as well as move the large rock to the rock breaker, keeping it out of the production area. The excavators are also assisting in the installation of the utilities both on site and in the newly built roadway.

Sullivan Eastern also own multiple TA 230 articulated dump trucks used at Triangle 55 industrial park. Liebherr unveiled the new articulated dump trucks in the US in 2022. The TA 230 Litronic is made for rugged off-road use, thus making it the ideal choice for Sullivan Eastern’s site. Its efficient drivetrain, permanent 6 x 6 all-wheel drive, reliable traction control and solid axle mounts enable all customers to utilize this dump truck on any terrain.

“The machines we have hold up well and our operators like the way the machines function. They are powerful, robust and efficient. It makes our maintenance much easier having multiple pieces of equipment from the same brand and model,” notes Scott Sullivan VP of Sullivan Eastern, Inc.

Liebherr offers an extensive earthmoving product line including hydraulic excavators and duty cycle crawler cranes, crawler tractors and crawler loaders, telescopic handlers, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks. These machines achieve high quality standards through in-house development, manufacture, and production of main components. This includes drive and control technology, diesel engines, and a variety of components for hydraulics, gearboxes, and electronic systems.

The bulk of Sullivan Eastern’s fleet consists of Liebherr earthmoving machines. Each machine equips state-of-the-art technology and offers easy handling, while being optimally configured to suit Sullivan Eastern’s individual needs. “As a highly respected and top contractor in North Carolina, Sullivan Eastern is a strong advocate and reference for Liebherr. Having a large and growing fleet of more than 70 Liebherr machines encompassing our entire Earthmoving portfolio showcases our brand and brings awareness within the market,” said Travis Egan, Liebherr Equipment Source Raleigh Branch Manager.

Established in 1933, Sullivan Eastern, Inc. is a leading construction firm based in North Carolina that serves as both a prime contractor and subcontractor in various capacities. Sullivan Eastern specializes in turn-key site development, roadways, and utilities. Their skilled laborers, operators, competent supervisors as well as an innovative, up-to-date equipment fleet are major reasons for Sullivan Eastern’s success.

“We have a two-way relationship meaning it is a give and take, and we work together to help each other solve problems,” notes Sullivan. “The main criteria in choosing Liebherr products boils down to great engineering, along with superior products, parts and service. Liebherr treats us like friends and not just a customer.”

Sullivan continues to work on the large-scale project at Triangle 55 industrial park. They look forward to continuing to grow their fleet with more Liebherr earthmoving machines. Egan notes: “We are sincerely grateful for the trust and loyalty that Sullivan Eastern places in Liebherr, and we are excited about the future as we continue to support them in all their ventures.”

When the project is complete Sullivan Eastern will have accomplished the following:

  • Pumped 50 million gal (189,27 million l) of water out of quarry
  • Drilled and blasted 2.4 million y³ (1,85 km³) of dirt and rock to haul and place onsite
  • Installed approximately 14,300 linear ft (4,358 m) of 4–16 in ductile iron pipe
  • Installed approximately 10,000 linear ft (3,048 m) of 15–72 in RCP storm drain pipe
  • Installed a pumpstation with force main
  • Installed approximately 8,700 linear ft (2,651 m) of asphalt roadways

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