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Edition 1/2020

Exhibitions & events

Due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic around the world, some exhibitions have been cancelled, others postponed. However, we keep an eye on the present happenings and maintain the course, no matter how winding the road might be. Please take a look at the shows and events we’re getting ready for, to welcome you their in person very soon.

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Aside from individual components, Liebherr also supplies complete systems for the electromechanical and hydraulic rotor blade and yaw adjustment. More than 15,000 wind turbines are used around the world with our gearboxes and slewing bearings.

A strong partner for the wind industry

Liebherr components impress in coastal areas, as well as under extreme environmental conditions on the high sea. For years, we have been working with renowned approval authorities. Liebherr has all of the necessary certifications, for example for sustainable corrosion protection.

Components for maritime applications

Mining equipment is exposed to high loads. Liebherr has decades of experience with components for surface mining and underground mining. Be it shock absorbers, engines or gearboxes: Customers trust in the robust and service-friendly design.

Components for mining applications