MK 73-3.1 mobile construction crane

  • Variable support

    Two support widths of 5.75 m and 7.0 m, plus the option of half-sided support, enable operation in the smallest of spaces. Safeguarded via an automatic set-up status monitoring system.

  • Flexible slewing radius

    Operates within compact support dimensions thanks to a minimal slewing radius of 3.3 m (without additional ballast). And only 3.5 m with additional ballast.

  • 3 different ballast options

    Two additional ballast options increase lifting capacity by up to 40 %.

  • Single-engine concept

    The MK 73-3.1 only requires one engine for travel and operation thanks to its environmentally friendly ECOmode feature. This saves service time and costs.

  • Trolley-Plus – High-performance luffed positions

    The optional, more powerful trolley increases lifting capacity at 15° and 45° by up to 50 %. This makes a maximum lifting capacity of 2800 kg possible in these jib positions.

  • Manoeuvrability in the tightest of spaces

    Compact external dimensions combined with 5 steering modes make a minimal turning radius of 9.67 m possible.

MK 73-3.1

The compact 3-axle crane is the answer to market demands for a small, compact and agile mobile construction crane that is extremely fast and flexible in operation. This crane is ready for use in around 10 minutes. Additional transport vehicles are not required for the MK 73 3.1. The electrically operated crane can be supplied with site power or powered by its integrated generator. The single-engine concept, familiar from Liebherr’s mobile cranes, and its ECOmode feature ensure reliable travel and economical operation on site.

Standard EN 14439
Lines 2
Max. lifting capacity 6,000 kg
Lifting capacity at max. radius 2,000 kg
Max. hook height 26.50 m
Luffed jib position 0 / 15 / 30 / 45 °

Technical data

Lifting capacity at max. radius 2,000 kg
Max. radius 38.50 m
Max. lifting capacity 6,000 kg
Standard EN 14439
Lines 2
Max. hook height 26.50 m
Luffed jib position 0 / 15 / 30 / 45 °
Slewing radius 3.50 m
Hoist gear 18 kW FU
Slewing gear 4,0 kW FU
Trolley travel gear 5,5 kW FU
Max. hook height at luffed position 51.00 m
Travel motor 6-Zylinder-Diesel
Travel motor/Make Cummins
Travel motor power capacity 243 kW
Number of axles 3
Drive unit/Steering 6x4x6
Travel speed 80 km/h
Operating weight 36 t
Additional ballast 2.9 t