News | 06/26/2023 Working with Liebherr Mining: an electrifying experience

Since the launch of its Zero Emission Mining Program in 2021, Liebherr Mining has embarked on a number of projects that explore how the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can help to reduce emissions. One of these projects investigates different types of alternate energy sources that can be used in Liebherr’s mining equipment. To ensure that Liebherr Mining has the most suitable people working on this project, the product segment recruited a variety of very qualified employees into the roles needed to make the project a success. One such recruit was Kareem Oubid, a high voltage (HV) electrician currently working with Liebherr-Australia in Western Australia to support and maintain electric-drive mining equipment.

Kareem Oubid is a high-voltage electrician working with Liebherr-Australia in Western Australia to support and maintain electric-drive mining equipment.

HV electricians play a vital role on mine sites. With their expertise in designing, implementing, managing, and fixing electrical systems, HV electricians keep mine sites running smoothly and safely by looking after important infrastructure such as lighting towers, engine-generators, and mining vehicles. In Kareem Oubid’s role, he is responsible for maintaining important electric-drive vehicles on site. However, the energy sources for some of this equipment are still in development. It is Kareem’s job to ensure that this equipment in particular is monitored and maintained so Liebherr Mining can best understand the strengths and challenges of this evolving technology.

“It is interesting and exciting to be a part of this new project. My current job differs from a typical day-to-day maintenance role as we are testing and trialling a new power generation method for mining equipment,” says Kareem. “It’s not only new technology, but the way of the future.”

Liebherr Mining as an employer: a reputation for innovation

It was Liebherr Mining’s reputation for innovative technology and its dedication to reducing emissions that drew Kareem to the OEM. “I wanted to be a part of a reputable company that was moving towards new innovative technology to reduce CO2 emissions,” explains Kareem.

Liebherr has been involved in efforts to decarbonise the mining industry for decades and the equipment developed as a result of these efforts is valued by customers all over the world. For example, over the past 40 years, Liebherr has designed and manufactured electric-drive excavators to help customers reduce their emissions. And, more recently, Liebherr Mining has worked with key industry partners to develop zero emission haulage solutions.

Applying and expanding knowledge: Liebherr offers the perfect environment

Kareem’s extensive theoretical and practical experience with electrified mining equipment made him a perfect fit for the current project. While completing his Certificate III in Electrotechnology, Kareem undertook his apprenticeship on a large mine site where he gained experience working with heavy mining equipment, including electric-drive trucks and wheel loaders. Upon finishing his apprenticeship, Kareem remained at the same mine site, deepening his knowledge of electric-drive mining equipment. His current role with Liebherr-Australia allows him to apply his experience in a new context. “Liebherr machines are impressive bits of gear and there is always something new to learn,” says Kareem.

Liebherr is constantly working to develop the skills, talents, and self-confidence of its staff. This involves ensuring that all employees receive comprehensive training specific to their roles so that they can perform to the best of their ability. For Kareem, whose role involves working alongside brand-new technology, this training has proved invaluable. “One of the things I appreciate most about Liebherr is the level of training that the company invests in its employees,” he says. “Liebherr has put me through high voltage training, hydraulic training, and T 264 drive system training.”

Even though Kareem has only been with Liebherr for a little over six months, he already appreciates the workplace culture. “I’ve found the team to be very welcoming and supportive. It’s been a pleasure to be part of this project group.”


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