Measuring technology

Liebherr has decades of experience in the measuring technology sector. Our range comprises systems to determine moisture, water content, coating thickness and piston position in hydraulic cylinders. The systems enable measurement directly in the running process. The high level of precision enables our customers to manufacture economically and to reduce resource consumption.

Moisture measurement

Liebherr measurement systems reliably determine the moisture in various materials. The product moisture can be monitored and controlled throughout the entire process. Liebherr sensors therefore guarantee high precision, which is enabled by 40 measurements per second. Moisture measurement

Water content determination

Liebherr develops and manufactures high quality measurement systems to determine the water content in emulsions and fluids. These systems can be integrated easily into various production plants. Customers benefit form a fully-automated production process. Water content determination

Coating control system

Liebherr supplies reliable solutions for determining the coating thickness and weight per unit area definition. Plant operators can rely on precise measurement during the running process. The entire production process can be monitored and controlled inline. This guarantees that the finished products will be high quality. Coating Control System

Position transducer

LiView determines reliably the exact piston position and speed in hydraulic cylinders – ideal for automation of mobile machinery. LiView position transducer

Control systems

Liebherr develops user-friendly control systems for mixing plants. These increase efficiency and the concrete's mixing quality. Control systems