On board ICE 3

Deutsche Bahn (DB) has selected Liebherr-Transportation Systems to equip one unit from the first series of its fleet of ICE 3 trains with new air cycle air conditioning systems. Liebherr’s air conditioning systems have been in service for many years in the second series of the ICE 3 fleet.

ICE 3 - Photo DB AG

ICE 3 - Photo DB AG

Environmentally friendly air cycle technology

The air conditioning systems are based on an absolutely environmentally friendly technology. The so-called process air is taken from the environment and expanded with an electrically powered cooling turbine. The resulting reduction in pressure effects a simultaneous reduction in temperature.

Liebherr’s air cycle air conditioning unit for the ICE 3.1

Liebherr’s air cycle air conditioning unit for the ICE 3.1

An air-air heat exchanger is used to draw energy from the inflowing air, which is then fed into the passenger compartment. In the next step, the process air in the open circuit of the cold-air system is re-compressed to ambient pressure and then released to the outside.

As Liebherr's air conditioning systems only consist of a few components, they are not only of low weight, but also simple and inexpensive to service. In addition, the system is characterized by very low operating costs and low energy consumption.


Air conditioning systems

Liebherr is recognized as a leading manufacturer for reliable and cost-effective air conditioning systems. Air conditioning systems


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