Press releases | 03/14/2023 Conexpo 2023: Liebherr crawler and railroad excavators with fully automatic quick coupling system Solidlink

  • The R 914 Compact Litronic crawler excavator, the ideal partner for confined construction sites
  • Liebherr’s railroad excavator A 924 Rail Litronic premieres in North America at Conexpo
  • Fully automatic quick coupling system Solidlink and various attachments support the versatile machines
  • Solidlink ensures increased efficiency and safety on the construction site

At Conexpo 2023, Liebherr presents the Liebherr R 914 Compact Litronic crawler excavator and the Liebherr A 924 Rail Litronic railroad excavator – with the A 924 Rail celebrating its premiere in North America. Both machines are equipped with the fully automatic quick coupling system Solidlink, previously known as LIKFUIX. The R 914 Compact as well as the A 924 Rail are presented live in the demo area at the Liebherr outdoor booth. Throughout the conexpo week Liebherr will highlight how Solidlink can be used to change both mechanical and hydraulic attachments quickly and efficiently from the operator's cab.

The R 914 Compact Litronic, the smallest crawler excavator developed by Liebherr in Colmar (France), will be on display at Conexpo.

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Liebherr’s A 924 Rail Litronic represents the new generation of successful railroad excavators.

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At Conexpo 2023 in Las Vegas, the two proven earthmoving machines, the R 914 Compact and the A 924 Rail, will be shown in action with the fully automatic quick coupling system Solidlink. Solidlink helps the operator to change attachments efficiently and safely without having to leave the cab.

R 914 Compact Litronic crawler excavator: Made for efficient work in confined spaces

The R 914 Compact, the smallest crawler excavator developed by Liebherr in Colmar (France), will be on display at Conexpo. The machine including all its components and built-in technology have been exclusively developed by Liebherr. Its particularly compact dimensions are specifically designed for confined spaces such as civil engineering construction sites or earthmoving tasks in private residences. The short tail swing of 5' 1'' ft in (1.55 m) of the R 914 Compact provides maximum efficiency and safety in restricted spaces and minimizes risks of collision with objects and persons. The attachment can endlessly rotate through 360° thanks to Liebherr tilt rotators.

The R 914 Compact is agile and yet powerful. With a 120 hp / 90 kW engine, the compact excavator has a high penetration force. The backhoe bucket capacity of the R 914 Compact varies from 0.42 yd3 (0.32 m3) to 1.05 yd3 (0.80 m3).

Comfort and safety are at the heart of the R 914 Compact. The standard seat is equipped with air suspension, plus rear and side cameras all around the machine make the work of the operator safer.

The A 924 Rail railroad excavator for track construction premieres in North America

For the first time in North America, Liebherr showcases the A 924 Rail excavator live. The machine has an operating weight of 48,100 - 55,100 lbs (21,800 to 25,000 kg) and meets the requirements of emission stage Tier 4f. The track undercarriage is mounted on both sides of the undercarriage. During rerailing, the rail guide is lowered axle by axle until the inner wheels of the twin tires are in contact with the rail wheel and ensure frictional engagement of the traction drive.

The machine is equipped with a 163 hp / 120 kW strong and robust engine. In combination with the fine-tuned hydraulic system, the machine achieves a consistently high working speed with fluent working movements. The innovative hydraulic concept includes a Liebherr variable displacement double pump with independent control circuits. Powerful, hydraulic attachments can then be operated independently of the working and travel movements of the machine.

The service-oriented machine design of the A 924 Rail Litronic ensures short maintenance times while reducing maintenance costs due to time savings. All maintenance points are easily accessible from ground level. The spacious, sound-insulated double cab with rollover protection (ROPS) offers the best conditions for comfortable, concentrated and productive work with its modern interior design. The glass cab in combination with standard rear and side cameras ensures optimum visibility of the working and slewing area.

As work safety plays an important role in track construction, Liebherr offers its own safety systems specifically developed for rail applications. Numerous features such as pipe breakage protection on lift and stick cylinders, electronic height and slewing limitation, a rated capacity indicator in accordance with EN 15746-2, impact-resistant roof panel made of laminated safety glass, rollover protection (ROPS) and the emergency exit through the rear window ensure the greatest possible safety during every operation.

For increased safety and efficiency: Fully automatic quick coupling system Solidlink in combination with numerous Liebherr attachments

The product range of Liebherr attachments are specifically designed and customized for the respective application and optimally configured for the respective machine size. During Conexpo, a range of Liebherr attachments will be demonstrated on both, the R 914 Compact and A 924 Rail excavators. The demo show includes a tilt rotator, backhoe bucket and a ditch cleaning bucket, as well as sorting grapple and clamshell grab.

Within the demo show it will also be demonstrated, how both hydraulic and mechanical attachments can be changed efficiently and safely from the operator's cab by using the fully automatic quick coupling system Solidlink. Solidlink, previously known as LIKFUIX, is a hydraulic quick coupler combined with an automatic hydraulic coupling system developed by Liebherr. Application possibilities and utilization of the of machines are increased by up to 90% with this solution. Both the R 914 Compact and the A 924 Rail Litronic are equipped with SWA 33 Solidlink, including the attachments with the corresponding attachment mounting.

A highlight of the A 924 Rail is the new quick coupling system Solidlink 33-9. With the integrated second high-pressure circuit and leakage oil and lubrication line, attachments such as tamping units, mulchers with flaps or Liebherr stick extensions, are exchanged quickly and easily from the operator's cab. Solidlink 33-9 is backwards compatible, meaning attachments equipped with the current quick coupling system Solidlink 33 can also be changed.


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