Indeed, the job is completely different from series production, where the production programme is firmly scheduled over weeks or even months.

Christian receives an urgent call from a customer: crane downtime on a large construction site! The machine's engine is acting up. Being the first point of contact for his customers, Christian is responsible for quotations and the coordination of delivery dates for remanufactured diesel engines. This includes emergencies like this one as well:

"We have to deal with machine breakdowns at short notice, which then, of course, have top level priority. Sometimes I really break into a sweat and have to juggle multiple delivery dates. But it's still a rewarding feeling to be able to help a customer in a difficult situation."

More than 80,000 Liebherr construction machines and cranes of various types are on duty in Europe alone. The Liebherr Group guarantees a long-term supply of spare parts for this widespread product range, and remanufactured components are key elements in this promise. Christian believes in his product:

"By remanufacturing used components, we save material and energy and, therefore, contribute to a more sustainable way of life." A win-win situation from an ecological point of view both for the customers and for Liebherr.

Sometimes, Christian also has to deal with rather curious cases: "Once a customer returned a second-hand engine because of a leak in the oil pan. During disassembly, it turned out that the previous owner had apparently tried to seal the oil pan with vast masses of construction foam..." Creative solutions might come in handy in such situations, and Christian probably had to juggle the delivery dates a here and there, too. His phone rings again. "Sorry," he apologizes casting a quick glance at the display. "It seems to be something urgent!"