Exceptional growth and high investments

In the fifth decade since it was founded, the Group grows extremely dynamically: extensive investments as well as new organizational structures reinforce the competitiveness of the company on an international scale.

Assembling printed circuit boards in Lindau (Germany)

Assembling printed circuit boards in Lindau (Germany)

For many Liebherr products, electronics play a decisive role. For construction machines and mining equipment, maritime cranes, aircraft and rail cars among others, the Group therefore relies on progressive technologies developed inhouse.

2001 Pooling of electronics expertise

Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH in Lindau (Germany) starts operations. A modern competence center with state of the art technology dedicated to manufacture electronic assemblies and systems for construction machinery and mining equipment, maritime cranes, aircraft and rail cars among others.

About a third of the personnel are employed in the research and development department. They have detailed knowledge of electronic hardware design and specialize in the area of aviation and industrial applications.

Isolde Liebherr and Willi Liebherr in 2004 at the Bauma trade fair in Munich

Isolde Liebherr and Willi Liebherr in 2004 at the Bauma trade fair in Munich

2002 Restructuring according to product areas

The previously country-based organization of the Group is replaced by a product-area-based structure: an important step to consolidate sales and technology resources in a stronger way and deploy them with greater effectiveness.

As a holding company, Liebherr-International AG in Bulle (Switzerland) decides centrally on fundamental matters regarding corporate policy, development and product policy as well as finance and investment policy. The product divisions operate as autonomous business units. This ensures that each of the product areas can respond in a tailored and target-orientated manner. Additionally, new technologies can be incorporated in products compatible with the market.

  • 2004 Gear cutting machines for the Indian market

    In Bangalore (India), a new production site was opened in 2004. Liebherr Machine Tools India Pvt. Ltd. is responsible for final assembly and commissioning of gear cutting machines for the Indian market and deals with sales/distribution as well as the provision of services.

  • 2004 New production site in China

    At the Dalian site in North China, Liebherr opens a new factory for earth moving machines. From now on, crawler excavators and wheel loaders are produced here for the local market.

  • 2005 Production of maritime cranes in the Baltic

    Development and manufacture of maritime cranes in the Baltic: In Rostock (Germany), Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH opens a factory for mobile harbor cranes, ship cranes and offshore cranes.

  • 2005 Aviation systems in Brazil

    Liebherr Aerospace Brasil Ltda. was founded in 2005 in Guaratinguetá (Brazil). It is specialized in precision machining, surface treatment and the assembly of high-tech components for flight control and actuation systems, air management systems and aircraft landing gear.

  • 2007 Commercial freezer cabinets for Malaysia

    In Kluang (Malaysia), Liebherr Appliances Kluang SDN. BHD. manufactures refrigerators and freezers for commercial use since 2007, e.g. freezer cabinets for ice-cream.

  • 2003-08 Exceptionally dynamic growth

    In 2003 to 2008, the Group grows remarkably well. The consolidated overall turnover during this period is more than double and reaches 8.4 billion euros.

    At the same time, Liebherr invests almost 2.8 billion euros in extending existing sites and constructing many new production sites.

    The sales and service organization is also significantly expanded. Around the world, almost 12,000 new jobs are created within the Group during these six years.

    Parasols with crane technology in Saudi Arabia

    Parasols with crane technology in Saudi Arabia

    As a special project, Liebherr develops and produces a total of 250 parasols for pilgrims in Medina (South Arabia). The screens are unfolded with the aid of crane technology and provide about 156,000m2 of shade overall, which is also used as a praying area in front of the mosque. Opening and closing of a screen is by means of an electromechanical drive system. A central unit controls and monitors the movement of all 250 screens, which can be fully opened or closed in less than 15 minutes.

    2008-09 Large parasols for Medina

    Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH is commissioned to produce large parasols for a pilgrimage site in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

    During development of the 15m high umbrellas the company is able to draw on its expertise for crane technology. To ensure that the parasol can provide shade, a hydraulic cylinder has to unfold a roof and raise it five meters above the ground. Each of the 250 screens produced offers about 800 pilgrims protection from the sun.

    Container loading bridges from Liebherr on Southampton harbor (Great Britain)

    Container loading bridges from Liebherr on Southampton harbor (Great Britain)

    2009 Solid even in unsettled times

    As an international Group, Liebherr also experiences the consequences of global depression and financial crises. Despite taking a drop in profits, the number of employees remains steady and central investment measures are continued. As was the case during previous slumps in the market economy, the product variety and presence in different markets are able to stabilize the organization as a whole. Just one year later and the Group is able to record a positive turnover of almost ten percent.