Press releases | 04/20/2015 Liebherr Concrete Mixing Plant Betomix 2.5 A-R in Modular Design at the Intermat 2015

  • Modular design for optimum flexibility
  • Galvanised steel structure
  • Innovative mixer system

From the range of concrete mixing plants, Liebherr presents the Betomix 2.5 A-R at the Intermat 2015 in Paris. Equipped with the new ring-pan mixer RIM 2.5-M featuring a mechanical agitator system, this plant guarantees outstanding mixing results for even the most exacting of concrete types.

Liebherr Betomix concrete mixing plant with cladding for winter operation

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The latest series of Liebherr Betomix generation horizontal mixing plants is designed around a modular system which allows a multitude of options and accessories. Continuous improvement of the module construction concept ensures ever increasing value for the customer. Maximum efficiency and optimum flexibility are key factors in the prodigious success enjoyed by Betomix mixing plants in the global market today.

The modular construction system allows optimum flexibility of the Betomix to the most diverse requirements anywhere on the planet. Betomix plants are employed in extremely cold regions, for example in Russia and Scandinavia where temperatures can drop to well below freezing point. Consequently, the plant is entirely encased and insulated. As well as the heating provided in all interior areas, warm air is also blown into the silos to ensure unrestrained movement of the material.

At the other end of the scale, countries of the Gulf region can experience temperatures exceeding 50°C in the shade in certain seasons. No problem for the Betomix system. To combat such extreme climate conditions, flake ice is dosed by the Betomix into the intensive mixer to cool the concrete temperature to the appropriate level required for processing.

Liebherr's Betomix concept is held in the highest regard within the industries of concrete goods and prefabricated parts production. Due to the flexible mounting arrangement possibilities, this system can be integrated unproblematically in production halls and into production processes. The plant may also be connected to a bucket transport system and can even be incorporated in the Litronic-MPS Liebherr control.

Betomix plants are also employed on huge construction projects, such as dam building, for example. Scaling of the plant size allows meticulous configuration of the output rate, even for huge building developments. The Betomix system is currently contributing to the construction of major projects in Asia, providing more than 500 m³ of hardened concrete in tandem or four-way configuration every hour.

Betomix plants can be fitted with ring-pan mixers (1 to 3 m³ nominal capacity) or twin-shaft mixers (2.25 to 6 m³ nominal capacity) depending upon the respective requirements. Both systems guarantee optimum concrete quality with extremely short mixing times. The mixers can be loaded either via skip or by loading belt.

As well as guaranteeing maximum variability, the flexible modular system also assures compatibility with a multitude of components. Additional cost benefits provided by the modular plant concept include shorter delivery times and reduced assembly times. The dimensions of preassembled modules are optimised for transport, thus reducing shipping costs.

With the exception of a few, select mechanical elements, the Betomix is delivered fully galvanised. This corrosion-protection is exceptionally cost-effective over the long term. A lowerable collecting hopper is an extremely beneficial option, compensating vehicle heights of between 3,600 and 4,000 mm and thus preventing soiling of the plant as the truck mixer is being filled.

The modular concept of the Betomix is configured for the addition of accessories, allowing retrofitting or upgrades to be performed effortlessly.


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