Liebherr tower cranes in action

Cramped spaces, extreme loads, extreme hoisting hights: Liebherr tower cranes impress with their reliable work even under extreme conditions. It's not just crane operators who are enthused. Often, numerous spectators eagerly follow spectacular crane uses.

“Grand Paris” – Liebherr tower cranes on the largest construction site in Europe

Powerful cranes with reliable service are required at the “Grand Paris” sites where a project is in hand to enable people in and around Paris to get to their destinations more quickly in the future. Liebherr is providing support services as a solution supplier for this project of the century, including its 1000 EC-H cranes and various services relating to cranes. A holistic approach is particularly important for major projects to achieve their objectives successfully. To the job report

Sweden’s first Fibre crane: ultra-light assembly in tight conditions

Construction of the 23-storey “Sickla Stationshus” is under way in Stockholm. A Liebherr 370 EC-B Fibre tower crane has been erected for this project – the first crane of its kind in Sweden. It features a high-tensile fibre rope that offers up to 20 percent more jib head load capacity and has a freestanding hook height of more than 100 m. To the job report

Liebherr fast-erecting crane 34 K at work on the tallest building in the Benelux region

The Liebherr 34 K crane, part of the rental fleet of Netherlands-based crane specialist Van der Spek Vianen B.V., had been commissioned to work on the tallest building in the Benelux region by customer Civiele technieken deBoer bv. An overhead crane had been used to lift the bottom-slewing crane 190 metres into the air, where the roof of a lifting platform was dismantled. To the job report

Grand Paris Express: the first two 1000 EC-H 40s have completed their mission

The 1000 EC-H 40 crane is the largest tower crane model to be delivered to France. Ten 1000 EC-H 40s are in operation for the Grand Paris Express project. To the job report

Family outing: Four Liebherr K series cranes support bridge construction project

Great teamwork by four Liebherr K series tower cranes in the centre of the Emsland region in North West Germany: two 81 K.1 and two 53 K cranes are currently being used for concrete work and formwork transport purposes during the construction of a bridge measuring over 200 metres in length. To the job report

A fleet of Liebherr tower cranes is currently being used to build the three-tower LYFE business complex in Israel

Cranes have been provided throughout by Top Engineering & Equipment Ltd., the representative of Liebherr tower cranes in Israel. The first crane assembly took place at the beginning of December 2018 and the last one will be dismantled by the end of 2021. To the job report

Liebherr tower cranes build world’s third largest double-curvature arch dam

On the Coruh River in northeastern Turkey, a 273-metre high arch dam is under construction for a hydroelectric power plant. Four EC-H cranes are in operation: two 280 EC-H 12 Litronic, one 200 EC-H 10 Litronic and one 154 EC-H 6 Litronic. A total of four million cubic metres of concrete are being handled, enough to build 47,000 residential units. The dam will be the largest double-curvature arch dam in Turkey as well as the third largest in the world. To the job report

At eye level with treetops: Liebherr tower crane supports climate research project

A 150 EC-B 8 Litronic PT Flat-Top crane is the centrepiece of a climate research project in Hölstein near Basel: Currently a simulation is carried out there to find out what would be the effects on our nature if it only rained half as much as today. With a scheduled project period of 20 years, the great number of different tree species and the size of the slatted roof, this project is unique in Europe. To the job report

Liebherr tower cranes build residential project in the heart of São Paulo

Six 85 EC-B 5b Liebherr tower cranes are building more than just a residential district in São Paulo, the capital of the Brazilian state of the same name. The 48 towers, each with 18 floors, will comprise around 7,000 residential units, a day care centre, a police station and much more. The area between the towers will offer space for various recreational facilities such as parks and playgrounds. To the job report

Tower Crane builds enormous bridge

A bridge spanning some 48 kilometres has been completed within around four years in the Arab Emirate of Kuwait and now connects Kuwait City with Subiyah. Liebherr Tower Cranes was awarded the order to provide the crane for the construction of the striking Hyundai pylon in the middle of the bay there. To the job report

Helicopter erection of an 85 EC-B on the Torre Hadid

Full concentration for the installation of a giant illuminated sign over 100 metres in the air – technicians from Italian Liebherr dealer Niederstätter erected a tower crane for this purpose in spring 2018 on one of the highest and best-known tower blocks in Milan. Liebherr’s Tower Crane Solutions provided advice and assistance for planning this spectacular job. To the job report

Two 1000 EC-H cranes on the Clement Canopy in Singapore

The first PPVC structure built exclusively of concrete on the island has been built in Singapore. Lots of heavy prefabricated concrete parts had to be hoisted for this purpose. Building contractor Dragages Singapore used two Liebherr flagships for this purpose – two 1000 EC-H 40 Litronics. To the job report

Liebherr 230 HC-L used as a support crane on an oil platform

Liebherr is carrying out an extraordinary modernisation project on the Molikpaq offshore platform off the Russian island of Sachalin. Two offshore cranes are undergoing full refurbishment, with one of them being fitted with a new control system. Our 230 HC-L 8/16 Litronic luffing jib crane is being used as a support crane for this extensive modernisation project. To the job report

First project runs parallel to launch

When Liebherr unveils its new EC-B series at the world’s largest construction machinery trade fair in Munich, the first new EC-Bs will already be in action – and close by at that: Two brand-new 340 EC-B 16 cranes and a 340 EC-B 12 are being used to build a residential complex in Munich’s Messestadt Riem district. To the job report

23 Liebherr tower cranes at the airport expansion project in Santiago de Chile

The Liebherr Tower Cranes Division is once again proving its expertise in airport construction: A total of 23 Liebherr tower cranes are being used for the extension of the "Santiago Nueva Pudahuel International" in Chile. To the job report

Liebherr luffing jib cranes at the Axel Springer new build

It will become the showcase project of the "New Way of Work" in Germany. We are talking about the Axel Springer new build in Germany's capital – and we at the Liebherr Tower Cranes Division are part of it. To the job report

Liebherr tower cranes build the highest building in Europe

A total of ten Liebherr tower cranes are currently erecting the Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg, Russia. Three 710 HC-L 32/64 Litronic and one 357 HC-L 12/24 Litronic luffing jib cranes are being used for the construction work on the tower. Three 357 HC-L 12/24 Litronic luffing jib cranes and three 280 EC-H 12 Litronic High-Top cranes are in action on the multi-purpose building. To the job report

Crane fleet in Hamburg

Ten Liebherr EC-B series tower cranes are currently working on the so-called "Mitte Altona" in Hamburg. Around 1600 new apartments are being built in the first phase, rising to a total of around 3500. To the job report

Vintage tower crane in India

A four-tower residential complex is currently under construction in Coimbatore, with a vintage tower crane working on it – an 80 HC, manufactured in 1987. The vintage tower crane had done a great deal of travelling before it started work in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. To the job report

Liebherr 53 K fast-erecting crane: All for hydroelectricity

A 53 K is currently working on the construction of two hydroelectric plants as part of the "Alto Maipo" project in the Andes to the east of Santiago de Chile. The concrete wall to reroute the river is being built using the first 53 K in the country. To the job report

Liebherr Tower Cranes: Mega airport construction project

Tower cranes as far as the eye can see – 58 EC-H series tower cranes are working on the construction of what will be the largest airport in the world. To the job report

A project in Manhattan

New York City’s skyline is an exciting environment for construction workers – making the MoMa Tower construction site one of the most anticipated projects of the decade. A project in Manhattan

Liebherr tower cranes used on the construction of Forth Crossing Bridge, Scotland

Three Liebherr 630 EC-H 40 Litronic top-slewing cranes are involved in the Forth Crossing Bridge construction. This 2.7 km long bridge will be the world’s longest cable suspension bridge with three pylons. In addition to the crane delivery, Liebherr is responsible for their overall development. To the job report: We build bridges

Above the roofs of Paris: Liebherr Derrick 200 DR 5/10 Litronic

A 202 EC-B 10 Litronic Flat-Top crane was erected on the roof of the Grande Arche with the help of a 200 DR 5/10 Litronic Derrick crane. As a result of the site conditions and the great height, erecting the crane using the 200 DR 5/10 Litronic Derrick proved to be the best alternative. To the job report: Above the roofs of Paris

Liebherr Tower Cranes at shipyards jobs worldwide

Whether it be in cool Norway, hot India or in Mediterranean Spain – our tower cranes can be found at a large number of ports around the world building ships. To the job report: Powerful trio on spanish wharf

Liebherr Flat-Top crane 1000 EC-B 125 Litronic enables a completely pre-assembled rotor to be installed

The largest Liebherr tower crane model the 1000 EC-B 125 Litronic made it possible to lift a completely pre-assembled rotor, with a diameter of 113m, for a new wind turbine. The flat-top crane with a hook height of 155.5m hoisted the assembly weighing almost 70tonnes to a height of 142.5m. To the job report: the most powerful tower crane from Liebherr

150 EC-B 6 Litronic Flat-Top crane marks highest point in Germany

At an altitude of 2,975m the crane is now the highest building site in Germany. The 150 EC-B is operated with a radius of 50m and a hook height of 18.6m. The crane was specially configured for this job to enable it to withstand the enormously high wind speeds of up to 280km/h and the low temperatures. To the job report: high alpine use - Germany's highest peak

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