Yes, the vacancies on our website are always up-to-date and still available. As soon as positions are filled, the details are removed from the job portal.

To submit your application, please use our online application portal, which is the best way to apply. This is where you upload the necessary documents relating to the application, too.

Yes, simply submit a new application and send us a note to highlight this fact using the online form. We will then delete the incorrect application and use the amended version.

We confirm the receipt of applications by email. Check your junk email folder if necessary.

We give priority to applications submitted through our online application portal. In this way, we receive your details and documents in an optimal way for our application management system and can assure that they are dealt with quickly. An online application takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Yes, there is an area in the vacancy portal for speculative applications. On the form provided, you can quickly find the corresponding organisation that the application is to be submitted to.

To complete the application, the following documents are required:

  • Letter of application
  • Curriculum vitae
  • References and certificates
  • Photograph (optional)

Information which, according to the General Law on Equal Treatment, has no bearing on the decision-making process is not an absolute necessity (e.g. photo).

All of the application documents are checked in our personnel department by the specialist team responsible. Upon positive appraisal, we invite the applicants to a preliminary interview. If necessary, further talks follow during which time we can get to know you (and you us).

We have found that two to three months in advance works well.

We offer internships/placements in our commercial and engineering departments. The latest vacancies are listed in our job portal.

The range of jobs offered by Liebherr covers the whole spectrum of commercial and engineering professions. The latest vacancies can be found in our job portal.

Yes, applicant profiles can be added in our job portal. With this online profile, you can apply for various positions easily.

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