LR 13000 - The most powerful of its type.

  • The ultimate:

    The most powerful crane in the world with a maximum lifting capacity of 3300 USt / 3000 t.

  • Hoist height: 774 ft / 236 m:

    With the maximum boom system of 394 ft / 120 m main boom and 413 ft / 126 m luffing jib.

  • No derrick ballast:

    The crane can operate with no derrick ballast thanks to its increased turntable ballast. This means it can be used flexibly and quickly for small hoists between heavyweight hoists.

  • Easy to transport:

    The concrete ballast slabs can be transported easily and at low cost in the form of a 20’ Twistlock container.

  • Fail-safe:

    Redundant drive units make the crane essentially fail-safe.

LR 13000

The LR 13000 is the most powerful conventional crawler crane in the world. One of its main areas of use is power plant construction. This requires the continuous hoisting of extreme component weights. These requirements apply in refineries, as well, where industrial columns weighing 1500 t (3,307,000 lb) and measuring 100 m (328 ft) in length have to be erected. And what's more, with individual maximum weights of 70 t (154,400 lb), this gigantic crane can be transported at low cost throughout the world despite its size. The LR 13000 is the only crawler crane in this class which can also operate without derrick ballast. This is made possible by a slewing ring which our engineers have developed and which we manufacture in-house, featuring an extreme lifting capacity. Even the largest product in our portfolio can increase its lifting capacities using the PowerBoom.

Max. load capacity 3,000 t
Max. hoist height 236 m
Max. radius 200 m
Max. load capacity 3,000 t
at radius 12.00 m
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight up to 144 m
Max. load torque 65,000 tm
Derrick boom 54.0 m
Central ballast 150 t
Counterweight at superstructure 750 t
Derrick ballast 1,500 t
Engine power 1,000 kW

Boom/jib combinations

HVO ready

Up to 90 % lower CO2 emissions in action.

LR 13000 - Tallest crawler crane in the world

LR 13000 - Tallest crawler crane in the world

Call up video

LR 13000 lifting jack-up-legs on wind turbine installation vessel

LR 13000 lifting jack-up-legs on wind turbine installation vessel

Call up video

LR 13000 in operation for the first time with PowerBoom:

What does it take to install four huge support legs on one of the largest jack-up vessels in the world? Dutch company Mammoet used the LR 13000 for this special job. In addition to its enormous lifting capacities and high safety standards, this crawler crane from Liebherr features fast, simple erection. Find out more

Steel colossus on the hook:

Mexican crane and heavy haulage contractor ESEASA used its Liebherr LR 13000 crawler crane for the first time to load oil platforms onto barges at the port city of Tampico. Find out more