Pactronic hybrid drive

The Liebherr Pactronic is a revolutionary hybrid drive system. The major feature is an additional energy storage device, also known as an accumulator.

The accumulator is charged when the load is lowered and also if there is a surplus of power from the conventional drive unit. The Pactronic system from Liebherr is an impressive power booster. Both the lifting and lowering time are sped up significantly despite the primary power remaining unchanged. In addition, fuel consumption of the crane is reduced. The fuel saving is achieved through complete utilisation of the regenerative energy and surplus power in the system.

Advantages of hybrid drive in detail

Liebherr LHM 500 mobile harbour crane handling containers in Puerto Lirquen (Chile).

Pactronic stands for highly efficient enhancement of performance and material handling output. If additional energy is required for crane operation, the Pactronic system transfers the energy stored in the accumulator back into the system, thereby enhancing the lifting performance of the crane.

  • Twice the lifting speed +100%
  • Twice the lowering speed +100%
  • Handling performance depending on the application +30%

Liebherr Pactronic: material handling comparison

This video shows a material handling comparison between an LHM 550 with Pactronic and an LHM 550 without Pactronic.

Liebherr LHM 550 mobile harbour cranes handling bulk goods in Agam (Kuwait).

Pactronic achieves greater performance while reducing fuel consumption at the same time. The sustainable hybrid drive therefore reduces the emission of CO2 and other harmful substances. With Pactronic, Liebherr smooths the path towards goods handling with high efficiency and low emissions.

  • Reduced fuel consumption -20%
  • Reduced CO2 emissions -30%
  • Reduced noise
Liebherr Pactronic pressure accumulator – 100% recyclable

The pressure reservoir is a means of storing energy and is based on trusted technology. The Pactronic accumulator from Liebherr combines these advantages.

  • Visual inspection every 10 years sufficient
  • All components are extremely robust
  • Has the same service life as the crane
  • Fast loading and unloading times
  • 100% recyclable

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