Liebherr Reman programme for earthmoving and material handling machines

Always on the move.

Reman components: ready for a second life

As soon as a component needs to be replaced, you have a decision to make: new OR reconditioned?

We want to keep your downtime to a minimum and your profits to a maximum – our Reman Programme keeps your machines moving.

With our ever expanding Reman Programme we offer you reconditioned components that as good as new in terms of performance and reliability. At the same time, we’re kinder on your wallet and the environment – a win-win situation for everyone.


Returns made easy – for everyone wishing to stay informed:

Table is scrollable
  Diesel engine Hydraulics Gear units Hydraulic cylinders Electronics Attachments
Return criteria:            
Component is in the replacement programme
Component is complete and assembled
Component does not exhibit any traces of fire
The old part must not be irreversibly damaged (no holes, not welded, cracked, deformed, burst, burned or broken)          
Terms and conditions of delivery:            
Component must not contain any operating media
Component must be protected against dirt penetration
Component must be in the original packaging or mounted on transport rack
  • = this criterion/condition must be fulfilled for return/delivery

Available components

The Liebherr Reman Program - A second life for your drive train components