Frequency converter systems by Liebherr

Flexible system solutions

Electric drive systems are becoming increasingly important in a wide variety of industries. Compared to conventional systems, they are particularly effective for partial load applications and help lowering operating costs and reducing emissions.

The Liebherr frequency converter system is distinguished by its high power density and modular design. Extremely flexible application-specific solutions for electric drive systems can be implemented even within the smallest spaces.

Focus on efficiency

The core components of the frequency converter system are Liebherr's power electronics modules, which cover a power range from 110 kW to 2,000 kW with just two designs. The innovative cooling system greatly increases the power density and significantly raises the efficiency of the frequency converter system.

The flexible modules can be configured as a drive or regenerative unit and can be used in both AC/AC and DC multi-drive systems. As an option, they can also be configured with an integrated brake chopper.

Intelligent control solutions

The Liebherr LCF control unit provides optimised drive solutions by precisely controlling application-specific features and ensuring, for example, that wind turbines remain functional even under low voltage.

The control equipment includes control, protection and monitoring features. In addition, further matching system components such as circuit breakers, filter chokes, du/dt filters or brake resistors are available.

Liduro Marine

Liebherr designed the frequency converter system Liduro Marine for use in maritime applications. It is suitable for use in main drives and steel rudders on ships, as well as for winches and drives in maritime cranes.

Thanks to the compact design and the powerful integrated water cooling, customers benefit from the system’s small installation space, which saves valuable cargo space. The system further increases the manoeuvrability of ships by enabling variable-speed and stepless operation of the drive.

Liduro Wind

The frequency converter system Liduro Wind is suitable for use in wind turbines with permanent magnet synchronous generators and externally excited synchronous generators. Thanks to the innovative cooling concept, the system can be used regardless of the outside temperatures, without changing the mechanical structure.

The flexible system architecture also allows the frequency converter to be installed inside the gondola or directly on the tower platform. As a result, individual wind turbines can be realised within smallest spaces.

Liduro Drive

With Liduro Drive, Liebherr provides a frequency converter system for single or multi-axis large-scale industrial installations capable of reaching the multi-megawatt output range. Covering applications such as sugar refineries, cement production or water treatment plants, the modular system meets the growing requirements regarding safety and low-maintenance. The high degree of protection (level IP 54) prevents dust from entering the frequency converter, eliminating extensive air filter maintenance on doors.

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