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Discover the new PR 766 G8!

Liebherr’s latest mining dozer, the PR 766 G8, made its sales debut at the 2022 Bauma exhibition. As one of its latest product offerings, Liebherr Mining wanted to share some of the dozer’s most interesting features.

1. The PR 766 G8 is available in high drive.

Liebherr is one of only two original equipment manufacturers that offers hydraulic dozers in high drive – a running gear particularly well-suited to heavy-duty mining applications. The elevation of the final drive makes high drive the optimal choice for the rocky terrain of many mine sites. The raised position of the final set of gears in the drivetrain protects the mechanisms from the dirt and damage that harsh terrains may cause. Further, keeping the final drive at a distance from the terrain helps to reduce wear on the bearing bushes and sprockets.

Another benefit of high drive is that the guide wheels and track rollers help the running gear to better adjust to the terrain by absorbing the increased shock on these mechanisms and maintaining excellent track chain traction.

2. The PR 766 G8 is the only dozer with hydrostatic drive in the 50 tonne class.

Machines using hydrostatic drive can help customers to reduce both their fuel and maintenance costs. In the PR 766 G8, the hydrostatic drive can maintain the engine at a constant speed of ~1,600 rpm by synchronising the drive components and Liebherr’s intelligent engine management system. This constant engine speed helps the engine to only burn fuel that is absolutely necessary and so this increases the fuel efficiency of these dozers by 20%.

The hydrostatic drive also replaces high-wear items such as clutches, service brakes, and manual transmissions with a configuration of flexible hoses, hydraulic pumps, and motors. Because the components of hydrostatic drive are essentially wear free, they are uniquely suited to working in harsh conditions and require little to no maintenance. This reduces the maintenance costs of the PR 766 G8 as well as the downtime of the dozer.

3. The PR 766 G8 is fitted with maximum ECOnomy.

As this dozer is part of the latest generation of mining equipment, the ECO function comes standard. This function allows operators to alternate between high performance and maximum economy driving options, depending on the task and terrain at hand. The ability to choose between these two options can help customers to increase their fuel savings when the dozer is working in light to medium applications.

4. The PR 766 G8 offers increased operator safety and comfort.

The updated design of the PR 766 G8 means that operators have increased visibility from all directions. The rounded edges, sloping sides, panoramic glazing, and minimal cab profile provides an uninterrupted view of the surrounding terrain, ripper, and blade to increase the safety of those working on and around this machine. The work area of the PR 766 G8 is also illuminated by LED lights to increase visibility in situations where light is limited, for example during night shifts or inclement weather.

To ensure operator comfort, the workstation in the PR 766 G8 is arranged so that operators can set the controls for the traction drive, blade, and ripper to be as ergonomic for their personal needs as possible. The joystick used within the workstation has also been designed for ergonomics, and provides operators with the most comfortable hand position during operation.

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