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Five facts about application engineering

At Liebherr Mining, we strive to ensure that the products that you buy from us are going to serve you, your staff, and your site to the best of their ability. To do this, we rely heavily on our application engineers. These hardworking individuals endeavour to provide tailored solutions for our customers so that the machines and products delivered to site will provide the results that they are looking for. But who are our application engineers? How are they able to provide this tailored advice? And what are some of their other responsibilities? Here are five facts you may not have known about Liebherr Mining’s application engineers:

1. There are three application engineers working in Liebherr Mining's application engineering team.

Each of our application engineers oversees a different international region. There is one who looks after North and South America, another who manages the Oceania region (which includes Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia), and yet another who is responsible for Africa, Europe, and Asia. Together, our application engineers have a combined 19 years of experience in the mining industry and 36 years of experience in engineering!

2. Application engineers run simulations to see which configuration of products will work best for a customer’s site.

The best solution for one customer may be quite different from that of another customer. As such, our application engineers use simulations to review the impacts of a wide range of variables within a mine site to optimise your operations so that you can achieve the desired outcomes for your projects. These simulations can be used to consider how different fleet arrangements, fuel types, energy sources, and haul routes can best meet your emission reduction and production targets.

3. Application engineers help customers get the most out of their machines.

It is important to us that we deliver on the promises we make to our customers. So, our application engineers undertake data analyses, production studies, and site assessments to check that our machines are providing the productivity and energy efficiencies that we said they would.

Our application engineers can also make recommendations for best operational practices – including work area set-up and loading styles – to optimise and improve fleet performance. These recommendations will have the added benefit of improving the reliability and durability of your machines.

4. Application engineers create job reports.

The information included in our job reports highlight the capabilities of our products when working in different mines around the world. Most recently, these reports have been used to demonstrate the impacts that our products – machinery and technology offerings alike – have had on our customers’ site efficiency. To calculate the impact of our products, application engineers conduct onsite evaluations and collect performance data generated by our equipment. They then run calculations based on this information to reveal the ways in which our products meet the demands of their environments. The results of these calculations form the basis of our job reports. These reports are then shared with our customers to show what Liebherr products can really do!

5. Application engineers can provide recommendations to customers while on site.

Our application engineers travel extensively within their regions, often making several trips per year to visit our valued customers. During each site visit, these engineers expand their expertise as they work alongside our customers on sites with different geologies, commodities, and operating styles. Understanding how the differences between sites can impact site operations means our application engineers are able to provide precise recommendations to our customers.

While visiting our customers’ sites, application engineers will make detailed observations about their operations and will also review the efficacy of our products. Based on the data collected, our application engineers can make recommendations on ways that equipment performance can be improved. How would installing a trolley line on site impact fleet output and greenhouse gas emissions? An application engineer can tell you!

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