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Liebherr Transform maintains your crane in its original top form through complete or partial machine overhauls. This helps you to keep ahead of changing demands in respect of the environment, work applications or performance. At the same time, a wide range of retrofit kits bring the latest technologies to your existing Liebherr cranes.

Whether to

  • extend the service life of your crane
  • increase performance or flexibility
  • keep ahead of environmental stipulations, or
  • improve operational safety

Liebherr Transform provides you with the most suitable and economic answer.

As good as new


Remanufactured components that are as good as new in terms of reliability and performance. A win-win situation for your budget and the environment.

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Pre-docking inspections

Pre-docking inspections prepare you for a fast and successful dry-docking. They allow you to order the necessary parts only and prevent unanticipated delays during your drydock.

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With a manageable financial investment, your equipment achieves an improvement in application possibilities, service life, operational safety and performance.

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