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Course program

We consider it part of our responsibility to provide you with the necessary knowledge on maintenance work and the operation of your Liebherr maritime cranes.

Our training concepts are developed in close consultation with the target groups and are always up to date. Here, experienced trainers and experts from the field ensure the transfer of knowledge in interactive exercises that prepare participants for their current and future challenges.


Maintenance training

Training targets:
  • Become Familiar with maintenance and inspection schedules
  • Understand the major components, systems, and layout
  • Crane operation cabin/remote/control stations
  • Understanding and engaging back-up drives
  • Awareness of crane safety features and operations
  • Familiarity with crane management system (CMS), including redundant features, bypass enable error handling.
  • Reduction of operator error and crane downtime
  • Troubleshooting of control systems
  • Error messaging
Training content
  • Crane walkover detailing key systems
  • Maintenance and inspection schedules
  • Understanding Main components: electrical/mechanical
  • Handling crane management system (CMS), incl. bypass features and error diagnostics
  • Safety features
  • Control system architecture and topology
  • Drive system diagnostics
  • CMS system and features
  • Handling crane management system (CMS), incl. bypass features and error diagnostics
  • STS
  • RTG
  • RMG
  • Ireland
  • South Africa

Operator training

Training targets
  • Crane layout, structure and components
  • Crane operation cabin/remote/control stations
  • Familiar with maintenance and inspection schedule
  • Familiarity with safety features and operator requirements
  • Understanding advanced operational systems
  • Understanding HMI display
  • Understanding messaging systems
  • Understanding Automated features (where applicable)
  • Familiarity with crane management system (CMS), incl. bypass features and error handling
  • Overview of crane operation manual
  • Aware of manual intervention where necessary
  • Putting crane out of service
  • Error and operator help messages
Training content
  • Introduction to the crane
  • Summary specifications
  • Workstation adjustment and system login
  • Pre start up checks
  • Camera systems
  • Operators HMI and error handling
  • Collision avoidance systems
  • Crane walkover detailing automation and operator assist systems
  • Crane operation stations including remote
  • Semi-auto routing
  • Spreader sway damping
  • Position measurement system
  • Maintenance and inspection schedules
  • Safety elements
  • STS
  • RTG
  • RMG
  • Ireland, South Africa

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Training locations

  • Ireland
  • South Africa


Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd., Killarney
Established in 1958, Liebherr Container cranes was the first Liebherr factory outside of Germany. It is responsible within the Liebherr Group, for the worldwide marketing, design, manufacture, delivery, erection and servicing of ship to shore container cranes (STS), rail mounted gantry cranes (RMG) and rubber tyre gantry cranes (RTG). From our training centre in Killarney, our expert team of trainers and engineers deliver first class training to operators and engineers of all Liebherr container cranes.

- Available Languages: English

Contact: [email protected]

South Africa

Liebherr-Africa (Pty) Ltd, Durban
Liebherr Africa offers a highly immersive simulation-based crane operator training. LiSIM® is the only realistic virtual solution for learning the precise controls of Liebherr cranes and innovative features. Different simulators both for technicians as well as for operators allow them to re-enact realistic scenarios in order to be optimally prepared for their everyday work. Different sectional models complement this media-based education

- Available Languages: English, Translator

Contact: [email protected]