Training courses and seminars

Qualified staff helps you to make the most of your Liebherr machines' potential and increase productivity. At Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH, experienced specialists instruct their staff on technology, mechanics and electronics.

With its comprehensive programme of training courses and seminars, Liebherr contributes towards the success of your company. Training courses and seminars are held at a dedicated training centre in Kempten (Germany) or on-site at your company location. The contents of the training courses are structured in such a way that they can meet the specific requirements of the participants.

Training courses with practical orientation

Practically-orientated training courses at Liebherr

Practically-orientated training courses at Liebherr

Our practically-orientated training courses deal with the topic areas of machine operation and machine maintenance. The modern training centre in Kempten is equipped with cutting, shaping and grinding machines. Participants learn how to set-up processes on the machines or perform service-related tasks themselves. Suitable training controls are available to do this, supplemented by work examples and fault simulations. In addition, Liebherr offers premium training courses, individually tailored to the customer's needs.

Seminars for beginners and experts

Seminar at Kempten training centre

Seminar at Kempten training centre

Seminars provided by Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH are designed for specialists who bring a whole range of different knowledge with them. The breadth starts at the entry level and continues to the delivery of highly specialised engineering knowledge. Further training can therefore be arranged according to requirements, starting with the overview seminar and technology-specific foundation seminars to continuation seminars and the theory & practice seminar. The comprehensive range of further training courses reflects a central corporate value: As a Liebherr customer, you can build on reliable support and professional care in the long term.

Training courses

On practically-orientated training courses, specialists learn on machines and through servicing measures how to operate and maintain Liebherr gear cutting machines optimally. Training course programme


Knowledge about gear cutting is imparted on the seminars so that beginners and experts can enhance their understanding of the technology according to requirement. Seminar programme

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