“Many competences and abilities are currently concentrated in Kempten”, Mathias Graf says to describe the present situation. He is in charge of the market service and, together with the central service, is responsible for disseminating Liebherr knowledge in the world. China is a main area of focus. As one of the biggest sales markets, it has seen a major rise in the demand for services. “We must significantly expand our range here and want to act strategically.”

Our training courses contribute towards the success of our customers.

Oswald Mildenberger, Team Leader of Customer Training

Liebherr Academy as a centre of knowledge

One of the components of this is the Liebherr Academy for Gear Technology. As a training centre for customers and staff, it imparts knowledge on all aspects relating to Liebherr machines. Among the range of seminars are training courses for operators, electronics technicians and mechanics. The centre is located in Kempten. Based on this example, other institutions will follow in the USA and China. The aim is to establish a universally high level of training for operators all around the world.

“With a comprehensive programme of training courses and seminars, we contribute towards the success of our customers. Our seminars are oriented around practical scenarios and cover the areas of machine operation, maintenance and application technology”, summarizes Oswald Mildenberger, Team Leader of Customer Training. In addition to on-site training at the Liebherr factory, courses can also be run on the customer’s premises. The comprehensive training material is always included in the offer: “We want to hand documents to the course participants that they can later refer to in case of any doubt and use to further expand their knowledge.”

Training courses unlock potential

The advantages for the customer are plain to see: They are in a much better position to exploit the potential of their Liebherr machine if the operators are informed comprehensively about its possibilities. Downtimes are reduced through competent operation. Malfunctions are more seldom, which in turn saves costs. An increase in productivity is often possible as the machine is utilized better and employees are more motivated. Furthermore, training courses of this kind also teach effective communication with customer service so that a remedy can be found more quickly in the event of a malfunction.

“We can see a clear demand in the market for offers of this kind and want to meet this at a high level”, explains Oswald Mildenberger as the reason for the company’s dedication. Training courses can help to maintain the quality of production or even improve it, particularly with staff turnover or changes to the product.

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