Products and services of Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH

Assembly of slewing drives

Assembly of slewing drives

Assembly of slewing drives
Employees of Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH assemble the DAT 1000.

The product divisions of Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH belong to a long company tradition and define innovative enhancements to the product range.

Slewing bearings: Ball bearing and roller bearing slewing rings

Liebherr is a global leader in the manufacture slewing bearings. In Biberach, a wide range of dimensions and models of slewing bearings are also manufactured according to customer specifications in addition to standard types. They are used, for example, in earthmoving and deep foundation machines, mining equipment, and tunnel boring machines.

Gearboxes and rope winches

Liebherr has more than 70 years of experience in the development, design, and manufacture of gearboxes and rope winches. This includes:

  • Slewing and swiveling drives
  • Wheel and travel drives
  • Compact and heavy duty rope winches
  • Drilling drives, mixer drives, and other special solutions

Their areas of application include, for example, cranes, harbor and ship equipment, energy technology, and special machinery.


State-of-the-art development and manufacturing equipment is used for slewing bearings, gearboxes and rope winches in the production centre in Biberach.

Electric machines: engines and generators

As an ideal complement to gearboxes and control systems, Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH develops and manufactures compact air-cooled asynchronous squirrel cage motors and permanent magnet motors. The output of engines ranges from 4 kW to 2,000 kW, and up to 3,500 kW for generators. The electric machines are used under the most extreme conditions – such as in diesel-electric mining trucks, construction machines, as well as tower and container cranes for instance.

Control technology

Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH develops and manufactures, for example, control systems for diesel-electric mining trucks as well as control systems and control cabinets for maritime cranes, construction cranes, and gantry cranes. Control cabinets for machine tools and automation systems as well as products for transportation systems are produced for other plants in the Group. Power electronics assemblies from the plant's development and production include, for instance, energy storage units, DC/DC converters, AFE, compact inverters, and inverters with a modular control system.


State-of-the-art development and manufacturing equipment is used for electric machines and control technology in the production centre in Biberach.

Slewing bearings

For over 70 years Liebherr has been manufacturing top-quality large diameter slewing bearings. Depending on requirements, various dimensions are available. Slewing bearings

Gearboxes & rope winches

Every year Liebherr manufactures tens of thousands of durable gearboxes and rope winches. All products are subject to rigorous testing. Gearboxes & rope winches

Electric machines

Thanks to a flexible modular system, our electric motors and generators are optimally adapted to the respective customer application. Electric machines

Control technology and electronics

At the production site in Biberach, power electronic components as well as control cabinets are developed and produced: