Liebherr Large Diesel Engine : The D9812

Liebherr Large Diesel Engine : The D9812

Liebherr Large Diesel Engine : The D9812

Products and services of Liebherr-Components Colmar SAS

Liebherr-Components Colmar SAS offers its customers an engine portfolio reaching from 1,250kW (1,676hp) to 4,500kW (6,035hp). All engines are able to comply with the most stringent emission standards worldwide.

The first V12 cylinder variant

The D9812, a V12 engine, is the first cylinder variant of the D98 series to appear. Depending on the application and specific customer needs, it reaches a performance up to 2,700kW (3,621hp). The D9812 diesel engine is a perfect fit for mining trucks and excavator applications. It will soon be followed by a V16 and V20 variant.

Mining applications

Liebherr completely understands the requirements of mining companies regarding longer operating intervals, reduced costs and increased outputs. With this in mind, Liebherr uncompromisingly developed the new D9812 diesel engine, focusing on efficiency and productivity

Various applications

Whatever the requirements, the D98 series will address them. Based on an intelligent modular system, the engine can easily be adapted to various application requirements and comply even with the most stringent emission standards. Liebherr diesel engines of the D98 series are also ideal partners for different industries such as oil and gas or railway applications.

Diesel engines

With Liebherr diesel engines, the engine architecture, injection system and engine control are compatible with each other. Diesel engines