The wheel loaders of Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH

Quality assurance with the wheel loader chassis dynamometer.

Quality assurance with the wheel loader chassis dynamometer.

Quality assurance with the wheel loader chassis dynamometer.
With two wheel loader chassis dynamometers, the experts at the Liebherr plant in Bischofshofen optimally coordinate the interaction of the components. The check is completed after roughly one hour and the wheel loader is ready for delivery.

The wheel loader product range is constantly evolving in anticipation of the increasing demands of our global customer base. Liebherr wheel loaders come in four size categories: compact loaders, stereo loaders, all-round loaders in the mid-series and large wheel loaders. These reliable and efficient machines impress with their high productivity and diversity. The modern design of the wheel loader is made to be comfortable, safe, and easy to service, right down to the finest detail.

Compact loaders

These versatile compact loaders are ideal for a range of applications. In particular for road construction, sewage work, horticulture and landscaping and local authorities and municipalities. The compact design proves its practicality on a daily basis: The low height and the lightweight design of the compact loader enable the operator to transport the machines quickly and simply from one site to another. The transparent cab offers the machine driver a good all-round view which increases safety in the immediate vicinity of the wheel loader.

Stereo loaders

The robust stereo loaders are characterized by their unique stereo steering system which makes these machines particularly agile. This is an advantage primarily on construction sites with restricted space, for example in cities. Narrow entrances and lanes, such as in the case of outdoor facilities of public buildings or in gardens, are not an obstacle. With their tight articulation angle of only 30 degrees these stereo loaders can move exceptionally heavy payloads with maximum stability and tipping safety.

All-round wheel loaders

Mid-series Liebherr wheel loaders are robust and powerful all-rounders. They offer increased versatility with a range of application-specific solutions, for example, customers can choose between Z-kinematics for standard applications and parallel kinematics for industrial applications. These all-round wheel loaders are thus highly efficient and diverse.

Large wheel loaders

The large Liebherr wheel loaders perform to their full potential, generating high productivity with low operating costs. The designers are constantly developing new intelligent solutions: For example, Liebherr installs heavy components such as the engine at the rear of the wheel loader thus removing the need for additional ballast. This well thought out weight distribution allows high tipping loads and enhanced handling capacity per operating hour. The innovative and environmentally friendly Liebherr travel drive lowers fuel consumption considerably.