Customer-oriented product development in Ehingen

Liebherr design engineers continuously optimize crane technology.

Liebherr design engineers continuously optimize crane technology.

In the crane sector, Liebherr is acclaimed for its innovative demand-driven concepts and products with leading edge technology. Research and development – with currently more than 250 engineers in Ehingen – are always oriented on the needs of the customers. Numerous technical innovations that set standards in mobile crane construction have been firstly created and implemented by Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH.

Research focal points

The focus lies on highest possible safety in crane operation with regard to demand-driven concepts and products. In collaboration with institutes of technology and universities, the Ehinger engineers continuously optimize use of high-strength fine-grained steels. Furthermore, development of future-oriented, even more high-performance control systems and monitoring systems form the research focal points in Ehingen.

Flagship projects at Ehingen

  • Liebherr established the concept of the all-terrain mobile crane and now has the world's widest range of products in this segment.
  • Thanks to innovative telescopic systems and profile shapes, Liebherr develops increasingly longer and stronger booms.
  • Liebherr sets benchmarks through state-of-the-art chassis technologies.
  • Since the start of development of lattice/boom cranes, Liebherr regularly breaks records in terms of lifting capacity and lifting height.