Repair and refurbishment of all Liebherr construction equipment in its state-of-the art facility, equipped with a brand new paint shop, welding/fabrication shop, crane test area, brake tester, 21m inspection pits, the most diverse technical requirement can be fulfilled.

Workshop and Field Service Engineers

Both Liebherr workshop engineers and field-based engineers undergo a thorough training programme. In addition to their high-level engineering qualifications, frequent training at the relevant overseas production facilities not only equips them with product-specific expertise but ensures it is maintained and kept up to date with all technical developments. Health and safety training forms part of the formal induction process and is an implicit element of workshop and field service engineer training.

Field service engineers respond rapidly to customers in the UK and Ireland to provide on-site service support with the backup of dedicated technical teams that have direct links to the production facilities for additional input if required. Service vehicles are modern and fully equipped and there is an unrivalled support service for parts. Response performance is a key metric and experienced managers ensure that customers’ priorities are quickly responded to, to maximising equipment uptime


A superbly-equipped workshop at Biggleswade, highly experienced engineers, with the same factory training as the field service engineers, and only original Liebherr parts fitment means customers can benefit from top quality repairs.

The workshop has the capacity to handle major repairs to the largest cranes in Liebherr’s product range and the team has extensive experience in substantial accident damage repair projects. It is also home to a dedicated rolling road brake tester that is one of only a few in the country able to accommodate mobile cranes with an individual axle weight of up to 20 tonnes.

The workshop can facilitate truck mixer repair and upgrade works that cannot be completed in the field. This includes new mixer installations, drum exchanges, gearbox replacements, water tank upgrades, platform modifications and much more.

For earthmoving and materials handling customers the workshop can undertake repairs to machines of up to 120 tonnes. Full machine rebuilds are available for customers who wish to retain the existing technology of their machines or for those wishing to purchase a fully-refurbished used machine. Complex machine modifications can be carried out and on equipment required for specialised applications.

To ensure welding repairs are of the highest quality and to company and industry standards, a fully-equipped fabrication shop is run by trained welders certified to carry out plate and tube structural repairs on Liebherr cranes in line with factory specifications. Buckets and attachments can be repaired or fully refurbished in line with customers’ specific requirements.

Additional well-equipped regional workshops at Bathgate, Wigan and Rathcoole (in Ireland) ensure that earthmoving machine customers can receive local support with minimum transportation costs and time.


Two state-of-the-art paintshops at Biggleswade offer Liebherr customers a wide choice of top quality finishing techniques. A highly-trained team delivers factory-standard paint finishes using approved products which are selected for minimal environmental impact.

The paintshops are large enough to accommodate anything from large and long mobile cranes to wide earthmoving machines. Specialist high-speed working-at-height access equipment is installed in one paintshop allowing operatives to reach over equipment quickly and safely.


Liebherr customers can be assured that the parts supplied to them, either directly or fitted by Liebherr service engineers, are factory supplied and meet the original equipment specifications and standards.

Experienced Parts Administrators at Liebherr-Great Britain’s sales and service centres provide a personal service, responding to customers with a reliable interpretation of their parts needs using leading-edge factory systems.

Off-the-shelf availability is excellent, thanks to constant monitoring of parts availability in the UK and Ireland to ensure the holding is in line with customer need. Further support is provided directly from the various factory warehouses and logistics centres where urgent parts can be sourced and delivered quickly via many different delivery options.