Products and services of Liebherr-Mining Equipment Colmar SAS

Liebherr mining excavator on the test site

Liebherr mining excavator on the test site

Liebherr-Mining Equipment Colmar SAS develops and manufactures high-performance mining and dredging/pontoon excavators. Its product portfolio comprises eight different models of large hydraulic excavators operated with diesel or electric engines. The excavators have engine outputs up to 4000 HP and bucket capacities up to 47.5 m³, which corresponds to an excavated material mass of 76 tonnes.

Developed for professional mining

From the initial idea through to the end-product, Liebherr matches the design with quality parts and components. This enables Liebherr to offer products that provide the customer with improved performance, increased efficiency and productivity, while reducing energy losses and overall costs.From the individual component up to the whole equipment: Liebherr optimally matches the design and quality of its products to the application. Energy losses are lowered and efficiency is increased. This results in improved performances and reduced costs. Liebherr therefore enables high productivity through maximum conveyor and load quantities in a short time.

Efficient service

Excellent service, combined with permanent availability of machines, are of prime importance in the mining industry. Liebherr recognises this, and provides on-site customised service solutions over the entire service life of the products in every open cast mine. These include:

  • Customer services and logistics
  • Driver and maintenance training courses
  • Technical product support
  • Component remanufacturing
  • Maintenance management and service agreements

In addition to on-site service, a product program of service tools has been developed specifically for the maintenance and servicing of hydraulic excavators in Colmar, which means that safe working conditions and economic machine servicing can be guaranteed.