Products and services of Liebherr-France SAS

Demolition excavator in service

Demolition excavator in service

In Colmar, Liebherr-France SAS manufactures nine different models of hydraulic excavators on crawler-track travel gear as well as 23 versions of different special equipment. All machines are consistently customized to the demands encountered in practical use, and are continuously optimized – with regard to productivity, economy and energy efficiency.

Tunnel excavators

A tunnel excavator must produce a high hydraulic capacity and have operational fittings customized to the particular application. In Colmar therefore, special excavators are manufactured that can be used in all conventional types of tunneling applications. This includes direct excavator tunneling as well as secondary profiling when explosives are used or creation of cross-tunnels after tunnel boring machines have been used.

Demolition excavators

Whether it's an old building or a bridge, whether it's a factory or a water tower, when it comes to demolition it's the equipment that determines how economical the job is going to be. Liebherr demolition excavators provide customized solutions in every aspect of selective demolition. Components with long service lives and an innovative technical design ensure that all types of demolition can be carried out as optimally as possible.