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12-cylinder diesel engine manufactured in Bulle (Switzerland)

12-cylinder diesel engine manufactured in Bulle (Switzerland)

12-cylinder diesel engine manufactured in Bulle (Switzerland)
The engine satisfies the requirements of exhaust stage IV and Tier 4 final in force since 2014.

Liebherr Machines Bulle SA was founded in 1978. At the Bulle location, axial piston pumps and motors as well as splitter boxes were manufactured for earthmoving machines. In-house diesel engine development was added in 1984. Since then, Liebherr has been providing diesel engines for its construction machines from its own development and production.

Gas engines for biogas plants and combined heat and power units

The first gas engine was produced in 1996. In 2011 a new series followed based on modern diesel engine technology that is also licensed for operation with biogas. Production of the first gas engine generation was subsequently transferred to the Liebherr plant in Ettlingen.

Production for different markets

Since 2014 new emission standards for diesel engines have been in force in the USA and the EU. Thus the development and production departments for injection systems and engine control systems at the Bulle location have been boosted in recent years. The expansion of capacities has enabled Liebherr to offer customized products for individual markets.

Facts and figures

  • Founded: 1978
  • Workforce: 1,330
  • Total area: 188,100 m²
  • Built-up area: 83,700 m²



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