Products and services of Liebherr Machines Bulle SA

Test benches for Liebherr diesel engines in Bulle (Switzerland)

Test benches for Liebherr diesel engines in Bulle (Switzerland)

Liebherr Machines Bulle SA develops and produces diesel and gas engines, injection systems, as well as hydraulic components and splitter boxes. The areas of application range from earthmoving and deep foundation machines, mining excavators, mobile and crawler cranes, maritime applications, material handling machines right up to biogas plants and combined heat and power units. Best quality and customized solutions for different requirements are the focal point.

Diesel engines

Diesel engines made by Liebherr were developed especially for use in off-road applications. The different basic engines cover a wide output range from 130 to 1,700kW. For the new diesel engine generation an innovative exhaust gas aftertreatment system is at the forefront. It reduces emissions of particulate matter and nitric oxides by approximately 98 percent.

Injection systems

Common rail injection systems from Liebherr are supplied for engines up to 2-liters capacity per cylinder as well as for large engines with a capacity up of up to 5 liters per cylinder. They can be installed in all engine model series from the 4-cylinder in-line engine up to the 20-cylinder v-engine.

Gas engines

Liebherr gas engines are characterized by their high power density. This contributes to a mechanical efficiency reaching 42 percent.

Axial piston pumps and motors

Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are produced in an axial piston design at Bulle. High-quality pilot control devices and different hydraulic valves round off the product portfolio.

Splitter boxes

Splitter boxes with an output range of 90 to 750 kW are manufactured at Bulle for drive groups made from perfectly matching components.

Combustion engines

Due to their high vertical integration, Liebherr combustion engines impress with their unique modularity.


At the production site in Bulle, various hydraulic componens are developed and produced:

Injection systems

Injection systems from Liebherr are suitable for all types of engine manufacturers and for diverse applications. Manufacturing expertise for injection systems

Splitter boxes

At the production site in Bulle, Liebherr manufactures splitter boxes that are adapted optimally to the diesel engine and hydraulics program. Splitter boxes