Due to three environment-friendly engines the crane is able to lift 260 tonnes in subsea mode and can handle loads in water depths of up to 3,600 meters. With these specifications, the crane meets the requirements of the market.

During operation a vessels movement includes all six degrees of freedom.The motion reference unit (MRU) analyses these movements and the winch compensates them accordingly.To ensure a controlled and safe load handling several crane move functions during AHC operation are possible simultaneously.This makes precise positioning of the load possible while Heavetronic is automatically compensating for vertical motions.

The vessel's motion is recognised using an in-house designed Motion Reference Unit (MRU). It compensates the motion with the appropriate winch rotation.

Heavetronic is fully integrated in the Liebherr Litronic control system and supports not only safe lifting but also safe lowering of loads. The Litronic delivers information regarding the status of the Heavetronic directly on the operators screen.

The major feature of Liebherr Pactronic is an additional energy storage device, also known as an accumulator. The accumulator is charged when the load is lowered and also if there is a surplus of power from the conventional drive unit. This reduces the fuel energy consumption considerably.

Power distribution:

  • 40% active power
  • 60% passive power