Scholar internships at Liebherr in Austria

There are many good reasons for a scholar internship: Gain experience, make contacts, test own abilities. Those who know their preferences and strengths can realize their expectations in a more targeted manner when searching for an apprenticeship.

A scholar internship helps when choosing a career.

A scholar internship helps when choosing a career.

Apply directly to our companies in Bischofshofen, Lienz, Nenzing or Telfs for a scholar internship. Our representatives at the respective sites will be happy to provide answers to your questions.


Claudia Steiner

Liebherr-Werk Bischofshofen GmbH

Dr.-Hans-Liebherr-Strasse 4

5500 Bischofshofen


  • Phone+43 50809 11-206

Petra Saiger-Kurzthaler

Liebherr-Hausgeräte Lienz GmbH

Dr.-Hans-Liebherr-Straße 1

9900 Lienz


  • Phone+43 50809 21-322

Otmar Meyer

Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH

Dr. Hans Liebherr Straße 1

6710 Nenzing


  • Phone+43 50809 41-371

Benjamin Schlesinger

Liebherr-Werk Telfs GmbH

Hans-Liebherr Straße 35

6410 Telfs


  • Phone+43 50809 6-1348