LR 1800-1.0 Crawler crane

The new LR 1800-1.0 extends the Liebherr range of crawler cranes in the class below 1000 tonnes. Outstanding lifting capacities and low cost transport around the world are the main features of the new large crane. For the first time the boom system features lattice sections with three system dimensions which can be telescoped into each other for transport.
Max. load capacity 800 t
Max. hoist height 202 m
Max. radius 152 m

Technical data

Max. load capacity 800 t
at radius 9.00 m
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight from 36 m
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight up to 180 m
Max. load torque 11,200 tm
Lattice jib from 18.0 m
Lattice jib up to 102.0 m
Derrick boom from 33.0 m
Derrick boom up to 39.0 m
Central ballast 90 t
Counterweight at superstructure 230 t
Derrick ballast 400 t
Engine power 455 kW
Driving speed 1.20 km/h
Total ballast 660.00 t



Designed for maximum performance

Designed for maximum performance

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