Liduro Energy Storage

Energy cost efficiency

In drive and control systems with high peak loads and variable power requirements, energy costs can be reduced by 20–40% through the storage and efficient use of recuperative energy.


The storage and return of recuperation energy to the application for smoothing peak loads has a significant effect on the dimensioning and the total costs of the application.

It can be downsized on various levels:

  • Gensets
  • Cable cross-sections
  • Point of common connection
  • Overall energy consumption

View reduction of energy consumption in various applications in this video: Buildings, process industry, portal and gantry cranes.

Buildings, process industry, portal and gantry cranes

Buildings, process industry, portal and gantry cranes

Extreme power density

The scalable Liduro Energy Storage systems for stationary and mobile applications are characterised by a very high power density. With their compact dimensions, they can easily be integrated in applications with limited space:

LES 300:

Double-layer capacitors
690 - 4,140 kJ
100 kW / 200 kW
800 / 600 / 2000 mm

Scalable system

The Liduro Energy Storage system can be scaled within its cabinet: Energy contents from 690 kJ to 4140 kJ are possible as well as power outputs of 100 kW or 200 kW.

Both systems, the LES 300 and LES 200, can be connected in parallel up to ten times.

The System includes:

  • Storage units
  • Converter unit
  • Cooling
  • Control

Power density and safety

Liduro Energy Storage systems have well thought-out protection concepts: In the event of a fault, an isolating unit with fuses and switching contacts separates the storage from the power supply. An integrated discharge unit discharges the stored energy, the status of which is visible on a display.

The housing of the LES 200 combines utility and design. Dust and water do not pose any problem. The connection unit of the power cables and the plug interfaces are correspondingly sealed, this allowing both indoor and outdoor operation.

LES 200:

Double-layer capacitors
1,500 kJ
100 kW
750 / 1,120 / 1,100 mm

Liduro Energy Storage

Reliability and application safety

The highly efficient storage and reuse of recuperation energy provides for maximum reliability and operational safety during network fluctuations and prevents applications from malfunctions related to the network supply.

Low2no maintenance

The Liduro Energy Storage system is a low2no maintenance product based on its design, quality and protection concept. It is water-cooled and hardly includes wearing parts.

Easy integration

The mechanical and electrical integration of the complete system in an application is easy: Including the storage, converter, controlling and cooling units, only the electrical power cables as well as the power supply and cooling need to be connected. A CANopen and Profinet interface is available for extended functionality.

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