The Liebherr PR 716 is powered by a 4-cylinder diesel engine that complies with the Stage IV / Tier 4f emissions standards. In order for the requisite emissions and consumption targets to be fulfilled, the entire combustion process has been optimised to reduce the particulates even within the engine to a minimum.

Highest performance and operating efficiency

As with all generation 6 crawler tractors, the new PR 716 Litronic features an electronic drive management system with an ECO mode setting. Making it possible for the operator to select between high performance and maximum economy. The ECO mode enables the PR 716 to achieve greater efficiency and is ideal for light and medium-duty applications.

Equipment and options for any application

A wide variety of equipment features are available for the new PR 716 Litronic. The universal 6-way blade makes the new crawler tractor the ideal tool in a variety of applications. Thanks to the optional hinged corners, transportation between the construction sites is also effected simply and cost effectively. Customers can select from different ripper tooth options; 3-tooth or 5-tooth as well as other features such as, a hydraulic rope winch, counterweight or tow hitch.

The PR 716 Litronic offers factory installed preparation kits for the simple and smooth implementation of automatic machine controls. These kits are available for all common system suppliers. Both laser and GPS systems can be used on the same machine. This makes the installation easier and offers the operator the highest level of flexibility in the selection of his system.

Modern design, comfortable new cab

The modern design of the generation 6 crawler tractors, with falling chassis edges on all sides and a panoramic glass pane, offers the operators an optimum all-round view of the terrain as well as the work equipment. The view over the engine hood is unobstructed, as the exhaust pipe was positioned behind the A-post.

Technical Data

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Operating weight 13,200 - 15,200 kg
Engine output (ISO 9249) 93 kW / 126 HP
Engine output (SAE J1349) 93 kW / 125 HP
Emission stage IV
Blade capacity 2.75 - 3.11 m³
Travel speed
10.00 km/h

Outstanding grading and pushing performance

Power and innovative technology are the hallmarks of Liebherr crawler tractors. Whether for precision grading or heavy pushing, the PR 716 is a powerful machine for any application.

Cost efficiency comes standard

Liebherr crawler tractors are designed from the ground up with economy in mind. Highly efficient drive concept, long service life of components and low maintenance require-ments reduce operating costs and increase profits.

Comfort, space and ergonomics: All in one

The completely redesigned working environment offers exceptional operator comfort. With its generous space, ergonomic layout and low sound levels, the Liebherr comfort cab provides the perfect conditions for fatigue-free and focused work.

Simple maintenance and an extensive service network

Thanks to their minimal maintenance requirements, Liebherr crawler tractors make a reliable contribution to your economic success. A dense service network means short distances and fast response times for the user.

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