Innovative power-split driveline: roll-out of XPower® wheel loaders

  • Power-split XPower driveline as standard
  • Integrated machine concept for wheel loader range with tipping loads from 26,455 lbs. to 49,605 lbs.
  • Maximum efficiency and outstanding fuel savings in multiple applications

The XPower® large wheel loaders represent a milestone in the technological history of Liebherr wheel loaders. Due to the wide range of innovations, Liebherr has subjected its new wheel loader generation to much tougher, more thorough and more extensive testing than ever before. XPower® is an integrated, innovative machine concept for the large series. A total of five wheel loader models with operating weight from 39,020 lbs. – 71,870 lbs. At Conexpo 2017, Liebherr presents the smallest (L 550 XPower®) and the biggest model (L 586 XPower®) of this series.

Important main components, such as the innovative XPower driveline and the larger axles, were found to be extremely reliable in over 70,000 operating hours of testing. The load program in the test phases included traditional back loading as well as customer specific special operations.

The core of the XPower® is the Tier 4f / Stage IV power-split driveline installed as standard. It combines hydrostatic drive, which is ideal for short loading cycles and mechanical transmission, which excels in long distance and when driving uphill. The combination of these two drive types in a single wheel loader ensures maximum efficiency and outstanding fuel savings in multiple applications.

New mid-sized wheel loaders for demanding applications

  • Hydrostatic travel gear combined with Liebherr-Power-Efficiency (LPE) saves up to 25 % fuel
  • High tipping load coupled with reduced operating weight means higher handling capacity
  • Safe and comfortable operation due to excellent all-round cabin visibility

With the L 526, L 538 and L 546 wheel loaders, Liebherr’s new range comprises three models that remain true to the reputation of this machine class as powerful and reliable all-rounders. Representing this range, the L 538 wheel loader is on display at Conexpo 2017. The new generation offer tipping loads between 16,975 lbs. and 23,150 lbs. Liebherr’s all-round mid-range wheel loaders are Tier 4 / Stage IV emission regulations compliant.

In order to further increase the durability of these wheel loaders, Liebherr installed larger axles and reinforced steel structures. Liebherr engineers completely redesigned the interior of the cab to provide higher standards of comfort. The proven and efficient hydrostatic driveline combined with the Liebherr-Power-Efficiency (LPE) provide remarkable fuel savings of up to 25 percent in comparison with wheel loaders of the same size class.

Liebherr offers numerous application-specific solutions to increase versatility. With these models, customers can choose between Z-bar linkage for standard applications and parallel lift arms for industrial applications. The new all-round wheel loaders are thus particularly efficient and versatile to use.


The Liebherr Conexpo Con/Agg 2017 press kit provides key information about the exhibits that are on display in Las Vegas as well as general information.