America premiere: 5,076 psi hydraulic cylinder series

  • Innovative range of cylinders for use in mobile and stationary applications
  • With defined variants, hydraulic cylinders can be quickly and easily configured for particular applications

For the first time in America, Liebherr presents the enhanced 5,076 psi (350 bar) hydraulic cylinder series at Conexpo 2017.

Specifically designed for dynamic loads, this series of double-acting differential cylinders is suitable for mobile and industrial environments in the pressure range of up to 5,076 psi (350 bar), optionally up to 5,511 psi (380 bar). In general, 20 different piston diameters between 3.94 to 8.66 inches (100 to 220 mm) can be combined with two piston rod diameters. Thus, strokes of up to 90.55 inches (2,300 mm) can be achieved. In doing so, maximum flexibility in the configuration of individual products within the scope of a standardized range is ensured. In addition, Liebherr also offers individual cylinder variants to meet customer requirements.

The design of the hydraulic cylinders is custom-designed to meet the requirements of the application. Correct matching of the sealing systems and the design of the bearing positions are a key factor. To seal these cylinders, Liebherr relies on an innovative dual sealing concept comprising a primary and a secondary seal. This reduces the “stick-slip” effect, prevents leakage and makes the cylinders particularly low-maintenance.

Liebherr designs the bearing positions precisely for use in static and dynamic applications. Optimized lubrication surfaces ensure good emergency running characteristics.

Medium pressure pump added to hydraulic components portfolio

  • New medium pressure pump LH30VO with 28.38 in³ (46.5 cm³) for 4,061.06 psi (280 bar) nominal pressure and up to 4,641.21 psi maximum pressure
  • Gradual extension of available sizes and controls

A highlight of the Liebherr component booth in South Hall 4 (#S84230) is the newly developed medium pressure pump LH30VO for all mobile applications with open circulation. It complements the existing portfolio in the range of 4,061 psi (280 bar) nominal pressure and is the first pump in the product family that provides a displacement of 28.38 inches (45 cm³) per rotation. The medium pressure pump has a swash plate design, which makes a throughdrive up to 130 % possible. This enables various applications in mobile hydraulics.

The LH30VO is fitted with two controls – an electric proportional pressure control with negative characteristic curve (DE) and a Load-Sensing control (LS-DA), for example, a pressure cut-off or pressure restriction. More controls are gradually being added, such as a proportional volume control (VE), a power control (LR) and an electronic pressure control with a positive characteristic curve.

The pump distinguishes itself by its compact and dynamic housing design and also by its optimized rotary group, which improves efficiency. The LH30VO pump is designed as a modular system that adapts to customer requirements and offers various possibilities for mobile applications.

Liebherr restructures its product portfolio for large diameter bearings

  • Design manual for the static and dynamic calculation of large diameter bearings
  • Simple and quick selection of large diameter bearings for a wide range of applications

At Conexpo 2017, Liebherr presents its newly structured and revised product portfolio for large diameter bearings. To exemplify it, two types of bearings – a single-row four-point bearing with a diameter of 46.65 inches (1,185 mm) and a three-row roller bearing with a diameter of 75 inches (1,095 mm) will be exhibited at the stand. Liebherr offers a detailed and easy-to-handle product catalog, to provide customers a quick and easy selection of the most cost-effective solution for their application. In addition, the product catalog also provides information on slewing and swiveling drives tailored specifically to the bearings.

Further, the product catalogue can serve as a design manual for the static and dynamic calculation of large diameter bearings. With the help of a step-by-step guide, it is simple and convenient to use. Detailed technical descriptions and specifications of the large diameter bearings are also provided. Moreover, the contents include Liebherr's latest research and development methods, for example, the assessment of the load distribution in the bearing on the basis of the adjacent construction, and the subsequent derivation of service life forecasts. In addition, the large diameter bearings catalog showcases Liebherr's core competencies in bearing design, induction hardening and surface protection, which are based on over 50 years of experience.


The Liebherr Conexpo Con/Agg 2017 press kit provides key information about the exhibits that are on display in Las Vegas as well as general information.