Economical and easy transportation on low bed trailer: The LTR 1100 can be transported with a weight of roughly 53 tons including the crawlers on a low bed trailer with a transport width of 3.5 meter. To reduce the weight to below 37 tons, the crawlers can be detached. This is performed optionally in self-assembly mode by means of support cylinders (jack-up system) which are pinned to the crawler center section.

Fast set-up, self-assembly of counterweight and crawler tracks: The mounting of the additional equipment of the LTR 1100 as well as the counterweight are designed for speed, safety and comfort. Speed is ensured through a fast and economical ballasting of the 10 t central ballast and the maximum 32 tons slewing platform ballast by self-assembly.

Short erection times and fast repositioning on jobsite: Based on its outstanding off-road performance and the possibility to drive sensitively under full load, the LTR 1100 offers a tremendous operational flexibility for different operations. With just two standard low-bed trailers needed for the transport of the LTR 1100, a fast change of the jobsite is no problem for this crawler crane.