Press releases | 06/10/2024 Efficient machines for harsh conditions: XPower wheel loaders in the far north

  • Liebherr earthmoving machinery in operation in northern Sweden
  • Liebherr XPower wheel loaders help to maintain the roads and are on hand at loading and receiving points
  • XPower wheel loaders prove themselves with their reliability, performance and comfort

GE Maskintjänst is a Swedish family-run company that carries out earthworks and construction work. The company has several Liebherr machines, which are used as service machines in loading and unloading areas, for material transport, for the removal of excavated material and for maintenance work. GE Maskintjänst appreciates the reliability and robustness of Liebherr machines in tough operating conditions – whether faced with extremely cold temperatures or heavy snow.

The XPower L 586 wheel loader defies icy temperatures and snow in the far north.

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Håkan Martinsson, Business Developer, and Simon Antman, Site Manager, in front of their latest L586 XPower®.

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An XPower L 586 wheel loader in the design of the Swedish national flag is in use in northern Sweden.

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At the Aitik mine several Liebherr earthmoving machines support a wide range of earthmoving and construction work.

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Around 100 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, the Swedish family business GE Maskintjänst is active in the construction industry. The company specialises in earthmoving and construction work and their expertise ranges from mechanical and engineering workshops – where design, production, repair and maintenance are carried out – to mechanical engineering and drilling, the operation of wind turbines and the sale of electrical energy. Various earthmoving machines from Liebherr are used for embankment work including wheel loaders, crawler excavators and bulldozers. GE Maskintjänst needs robust and powerful machines for the demanding work.

Three L 550 XPower wheel loaders and two L 586 XPower are responsible for maintaining the roads and loading and unloading areas. They eliminate safety risks by keeping the transport routes and loading and receiving points free of stones that could disrupt the transport chain. Several Liebherr excavators with various attachment tools handle material, sort it, and load it into dump trucks. When the material is received, three Liebherr dozers distribute it as required for the reinforcement.

Cleverly designed: XPower wheel loaders are versatile all-rounders

The Liebherr XPower travel drive combines the hydrostatic drive for short loading manoeuvres with the mechanical drive for long distances and inclines. The combination of these two drive types offers the highest efficiency in all applications and results in a lower load on the respective drive path. This means the wheel loader always operates at maximum performance and efficiency, whatever it is being used for. The result is fuel savings of up to 30 percent compared to conventionally driven wheel loaders.

Assistance systems provide additional safety and enhance productivity

For safe and efficient working, the L 586 XPower from GE Maskintjänst is also equipped with two assistance systems. Active personnel detection helps the operator avoid collisions with obstacles or people. It monitors the rear area of the wheel loader and automatically warns of hazards by means of a warning sound and a symbol that is shown on the display. In addition, the integrated tyre pressure monitoring system uses sensors on the tyre valves to provide an important overview of the current pressure. As soon as the tyre pressure changes, a warning appears on the display. This increases safety, optimises handling and reduces maintenance costs in the long term.

Reliability is the key element

“In order to be a reliable partner for our customers, the performance of our machines is of utmost importance. We are very satisfied with our XPower wheel loaders, as they deliver full performance even under the toughest operating conditions,” reports Janne Pellikka, Managing Director of GE Maskintjänst. This is made possible by the powerful and durable components of the Liebherr wheel loaders, which guarantee high quality standards. “Our machine operators also find the machines very comfortable and appreciate the high amount of glazing in the operator’s cab, which allows good all-round visibility of the working attachment and the operating area” says Pellikka.


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